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Man Goes Fishing and Learns Why You Should Never Lie to a Smart Woman





They do say that you should marry someone who’s smart, or at least smart enough that you’re on the same wavelength. This helps to ensure that you have a lot of common ground.

But if you marry someone who’s clever enough to outsmart you, that’s when trouble starts to brew. Just like this guy whose wife is way too clever for him…

A husband calls the missus on the phone and says:

Honey, my boss asked me to go on a fishing trip with him and his friends in Canada. Don’t worry, because we’ll be gone for a week. Yes, I’m really happy, because this is a good opportunity for me to get that promotion I’ve always wanted! So, would you please pack me enough clothes for 1 week and set out my rod and fishing box? Thank you dear and right now we’re leaving from the office and I’ll swing by the flat to pick up my clothes and my fishing box. Oh, and I almost forgot – can you please pack my new blue silk pajamas.

“Just going fishing with the boss,” he says.

"Just going fishing with the boss," he says.

The wife thought this was a bit fishy but she wanted to be a good wife, so she did as she was told.

The husband went on his fishing trip and came home the following weekend looking tired but in good spirits. The wife welcomed him and asked about his trip. He said:

Yes dear, we caught lots of salmon, blue gill and a few swordfish. But, let me ask you something – why didn’t u pack my blue silk pajamas?

And since this is a story about a clever wife, she said:

“Yes, I did. They’re in your fishing box.”

And THAT is why you don’t lie to a smart wife.

And THAT is why you don't lie to a smart wife.

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