People Vow To Stop Eating Seafood After Watching Netflix’ New Documentary ‘Seapiracy’

“Never eating seafood again, this was so sad too watch,” one viewer said.

  • New Netflix documentary ‘Seapiracy’ bravely exposes the corruption and environmental destruction behind the commercial fishing industry.
  • Directed by and starring Ali Tabrizi, the ‘eye-opening’ film has encouraged numerous viewers to refuse eating seafood.
  • “If the oceans die, we die,” someone said. “There is no surviving on this planet with a dead ocean.”

Ever heard of Seapiracy? Apparently, people are suddenly deciding to stop eating seafood after watching this shocking new documentary which premiered on Netflix just last month.

Directed by and starring British filmmaker Ali Tabrizi, Seapiracy “examines the global fishing industry, challenging notions of sustainable fishing and showing how human actions cause widespread environmental destruction”.

An eye-opening documentary…

In the documentary, Ali took a closer look at the impact of commercial fishing not only on underwater wildlife but on the environment itself. Case in point, the film exposes the fact that some commercial fishing ships often leave their nets and fishing tools in the seas, further contributing to the problem of pollution.

Additionally, the film predicts that we may have empty seas as early as 2048 if current fishing trends continue.

“Never eating seafood again, this was so sad too watch,” one viewer said.

A commenter on YouTube wrote:

“Man… This documentary shook me to the core. I am extremely appalled by all the countries, corporations, organizations, etc that turn a blind eye and allow these horrific acts to continue. And I am also very disappointed in myself… I am going vegan, starting today.”

Another simply wrote:

“These documentaries are real eye-openers. It’s so important that everyone knows the impacts that our habits have on the planet.”

Someone also added:

“It is simple. If the oceans die, we die. There is no surviving on this planet with a dead ocean. We are killing the crew that is keeping the very life support systems on this planet functioning.”

Watch the Seapiracy trailer here:

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