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Would You Eat This Neon-Colored Noodle Soup?

Weird food alert: neon-colored noodles, anyone?


If you think it’s Play-doh, then you’re completely mistaken. These vibrantly-colored dishes which look like they’re made from modelling clay are in fact, edible.

Kurare Raku, who identifies himself as a “bad scientist”, created the colorful variations of udon for the Unbelievable Science Festival held in Japan. He calls his recipe the “Electrical Udon”.


Kurare is a Japanese science writer whose major in college was Biochemistry.


Photo credit: Facebook/Kurare Raku
His bizarre-looking dish, the “Electrical Udon”, was composed of neon pink and green noodles, neon green broth, and blue tofu.


Photo credit: Twitter/KurareRaku
Another version had blue and purple noodles with blue broth and green tofu.


Photo credit: Twitter/KurareRaku

According to Raku, he used “fluorescence chemicals” to color the noodles. Although it looks totally different, the taste is similar to that of ordinary udon.

You can see how the udon is made in this video:

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Huge Snakes Taking Over Toilets In Australian Homes

Two households in Australia have reported spotting pythons in their toilets.

Imagine waking up during the wee hours of the night to take a piss when you suddenly discover you’ve got a large python on the toilet bowl. I assume you’d be pretty startled, right? You’d either think you were dreaming or probably being pranked.

Well, two households from Townsville, Australia have recently experienced that but no, it was neither a dream nor a prank.

In fact, they had to call Elliot Budd, a Queensland-based snake catcher, for help.

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You Might Not Take A Selfie Ever Again After Watching This Terrifying Video

Apparently, she’s not alone when she took a selfie.

Being an avid fan of the horror/thriller movie genre, I believe I have seen it all. The plots of those movies usually revolve around evil possessions, poltergeists, maniacal psychopaths, zombies, mutations, vampires, werewolves, and zombies. The list does not end there of course.

Sometimes, when you watch those movies, you can already guess what's going to happen next. That’s exactly why great storytelling and acting are vital to a fan like me. The theme can be so old and worn-out, but given an excellent script and great direction, the film can be mind-blowing.

A good horror film knows how to play with the audience’s imagination. It knows how to use the score and the lighting to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats. It has to capture the viewer’s attention and make them relate to the characters. Every scene is like a song that gradually builds up until it reaches the climax. The story does not have to be lengthy---all it needs are the right elements to make you jump out of your seat or scream. Like this short film.

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Dad Pulls Out A Little Girl’s Loose Tooth Using Drone

In defense of what they did, the family said that the tooth was already very loose before they let a drone pull it out.

As technology continues to grow more and more mainstream, it becomes part and parcel of our daily lives. We’re the gadget generation—we can’t really leave our house without a mobile clasped in our hand. Drones have also helped us take shooting videos into next level, allowing us to pan through areas and angles that human limitation cannot reach. Today, a young girl used a drone to pull out her teeth, and she didn’t cry at all.

In the olden days, there are three ways that kids pull their lose teeth. The first one is to attach our tooth on a string tied in a doorknob and let another person open the door and pull our tooth. Others just let it go off naturally using their tongues. Everyone’s safest bet is go to the dentist, but this will cost us more. And, honestly, this kills the fun in childhood.

Is it safe?

tooth drone 2

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