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A Teenage Boy Was Almost Decapitated by Earphones in a Horrific Motorcycle Accident





One more item has been added to the list of the deadliest things on Earth. Care to hazard a guess on what might this item be? This might surprise you but it’s something that looks utterly harmless.

Your wired earphones.

Bradley Willoughby, a 16-year-old boy from Queensland, Australia was almost decapitated due to a motorcycle accident that occurred while he was practicing jumps. He made a bad landing and the motorbike’s throttle jammed, making him veer off into a barbed wire fence. The teenage boy was badly injured.

Bradley’s mother said that her son was a capable motorcycle rider.

Source: Daily Mail

As a result of the accident, Willoughby ended up with a lacerated abdomen, a badly dislocated and broken left ankle, broken tibia and fibula, and several cuts and bruises all over his body. However, the most life-threatening injury caused by the accident was the laceration on his neck. The thing is, he was wearing his wired earphones under his helmet when the accident occurred. The wires cut through the skin and muscles in his neck, narrowly missing his trachea.

Willoughby sustained multiple injuries, including a lacerated neck.

Source: Daily Mail
The injury that the earphone wire caused in his neck barely missed his windpipe.

Source: Daily Mail
He had multiple lacerations on his abdomen.

Source: Daily Mail

Immediately after the incident, Bradley’s mother thought that her son was dying. Mrs. Willoughby recounted that she and her husband tried to keep Bradley calm while waiting for the rescue chopper that will fly their son to Cairns Hospital.

Since the accident, Bradley has undergone two surgeries, one for his leg and another for his neck.

His neck injury required a separate surgery and was stitched.

Source: Daily Mail
His left leg likewise required surgery and had two large screws and a six-inch long plate placed to stabilize the bones.

Source: Daily Mail

Though their family is experiencing a difficult time due to Bradley’s condition, Mrs. Willoughby wants others to be informed of the dangers that can be caused by wearing wired earphones under helmets so people will not suffer the same fate as her son.

This was the earphone that Bradley wore during the accident.

Source: Daily Mail

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