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Awesome Pictures from National Take Your Dog To Work Day





Celebrated in several countries annually, the National Take Your Dog To Work Day is always a much-anticipated day for many dog lovers.

Originally started in the United Kingdom in 1996 and formally introduced in the United States in 1999, participation in this event grows each year as more and more employers are embracing the idea.

Pet Sitters International continues to spearhead the movement in an aim to celebrate the valuable companionship provided by our beloved dogs. Also, PSI hopes to encourage dog adoptions from local shelters, rescue groups, and other concerned organizations.

Here are some of the cutest pictures we’ve gathered from dog owners who participated in this event:

National Take Your Dog to Work Day was celebrated June 26 of this year.

bring-dog-to-work-day 18

The event happens yearly every Friday following Father’s Day.

bring-dog-to-work-day 17

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Dog owners take full responsibility of their pets while in the workplace.

bring-dog-to-work-day 16

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This day, your pet becomes your office mate.

bring-dog-to-work-day 1

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This dog's job is to help kids calm down in a dental clinic.

bring-dog-to-work-day 2

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