40 of the Wittiest One-Panel Comics by Cartoonist Nate Fakes

Everyone loves fell-good cartoons. You know, the type of comics that make us smile and forget about life’s problems – at least for a little while.

This is exactly why we really dig the work of cartoonist Nate Fakes. His one panel-comics are hilarious, witty, and an absolute stroke of genius! No wonder, Nate’s comics are considered by many as one of the “bright spots” of their day. Besides, his humor provides people with the much-needed break from all the doom and gloom we see everyday on social media.

In his comics, we see the funny side of people, animals, and even inanimate objects as they share their silly – and sometimes insightful – thoughts. It’s pretty obvious Nate is an expert when it comes to the art of combining words and drawings.

In fact, he’s been doing this for years.

Nate said in an interview:

“I’ve always drawn ever since I hit my first box of crayons. Naturally, I kept with them into adulthood. I just have a passion to keep doing them. I suppose my biggest inspiration was The Far Side and MAD Magazine. “I’ve been a cartoonist my whole life. Professionally, I guess you can say I started about a little over a decade ago. It’s a tough profession, but the most rewarding profession, too.”

Check out his witty single-panel comics below and be prepared to chuckle along the way:






Nick currently has a publishing deal for his upcoming graphic novel and he’s looking forward to getting it out there soon. “It’s an exciting direction I’m anxious to take with my work and totally different than my gag comics,” he said about the project.

To show support and stay updated with Nick’s works, go follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or you may also check out his official website.

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