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Men Ran Away Screaming After They Saw this Beautiful, Naked Woman!

WTF! I’d definitely run, too!

We’ve all seen some scary pranks that can make even the men scream and it’s so hilarious to watch. This bizarre prank by Cameras Escondidas is just like that.

A blonde, attractive woman in a black, long, shiny, leather coat is seen teasing men as she walks up them or tries to get a free ride from male drivers. Then this mysterious woman would slowly take her coat off, and reveal her completely naked body to the unsuspecting victim or victims. You can see how the men react to her as she displays herself to her target.

After a few seconds, she’d grab a machete on the ground and hold out a severed man’s head with her other hand! And although we may not be able to understand their language, the shrieks you’ll hear from the men and women should be enough to convey their message across.

Watch this unusual prank and tell us what you think about it.

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Shocking Video Shows How Easy It Is to Abduct Children

How sure are you that your children won’t go with strangers?


As a parent, it is shocking to know that more than 700 children are abducted everyday in the world. That means quarter-a-million or 250,000 kids are taken away from their families every year.

Joey Salads, known for his series of prank videos on YouTube, proved how easy it is to abduct children in his latest social experiment.

So what exactly did Joey do in order to convince kids to come with him?...

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Watch these Guys’ Reactions When They Realize The Hot Girl They’re Oiling Up Has A D*ck

They all probably thought that they are about to do the deed. As the saying goes, always think twice before you act. Haha!

With the blazing heat touching your skin, who would not love to bask in the sun and go skinny-dipping, get the perfect tan and get serenaded by the cascading waves of the beach? How much more if you’ll get a bonus treat of not just feasting your eyes on steaming “babes,” but also get to put some lotion on them? Now that’s just perfection, right?

Well, that is exactly what happened on a typical beachside, when a hot babe intentionally showed herself to all the, eherm, 'perverts', or say 'looking-forward-kinda-guys'.

The hot babe asked them to apply some tanning lotion on her while initiating a kinky conversation, almost inviting the poor guy to go to the next level. Booha! It was only moments later, exactly at the moment when they are about to do it when she flips onto her other side and shows off her 'package'. Say hello to the 'bombshell'!  Looks like they are not the only with the balls! Sorry, honey, but you ain’t bringing home some goodies today! Haha!...

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Woman Refused To Give Her Number Until She Found Out He’s A Celebrity

‘Fame digger’ gets exposed in this interesting social experiment.


What does a woman look for in a man? A handsome face? Great personality? Kind attitude? Great sense of humor? I often hear men joke about girls falling for wealth and fame. Some men say that they could get any gorgeous girl they want even though they're not that young or handsome, as long as they're driving a really nice and expensive car or have a famous family name. Unfortunately, there's some truth in that.

I hate to admit it, but there are some women out there who instantly fall for men just because they're rich and this girl in the video.

Coby Persin is an actor and a model who has his own YouTube channel that features various kinds of pranks. In one of his many social experiments, Coby, dressed up like an ordinary college boy,  walks up to a beautiful girl and starts to chat with her. He wanted to see if the girl would give him her phone number, but he was rejected so he just wished her luck and left....

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