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California Winery To Pay Qualified Applicant $10,000 A Month To Work And Live There Rent-Free

Wine lovers, here's your dream job!

  • A recent job posting by Murphy-Goode Winery has attracted attention from wine lovers.
  • According to the description, the company will be giving $10,000 as a monthly salary, along with free rent for a year, and a supply of booze.
  • Interested applicants should take a video of themselves explaining why they make “a Goode candidate” and submit it via the winery’s website.

Wine enthusiasts, it may be time for a career change! Apparently, a California-based wine company is looking for someone to join their team – and they’re offering a monthly salary of $10,000, along with one year of free rent in Sonoma Wine Country, for the qualified individual.

According to Murphy-Goode Winery’s official website, interested applicants simply need to “pull out your camera and show us why you are really a Goode candidate,” adding “creativity and humor a plus.”

Digging deeper, the company’s job posting also tells us that job applicants should at least be 21 years old and above, a legal U.S. resident who is also authorized to work in the country.

Applicants, the site said, “will be evaluated on role value, creativity and design, applicable experience and skill set.”

On top of the handsome salary and living rent-free, Murphy-Goode is likewise giving free supply of booze so this should be the ultimate dream job for true blue wine lovers.

The site further mentioned that the job’s first 90 days will be spent “shadowing winemaker Dave Ready Jr. and exploring all aspects of harvest.”

“From there, we will work with you and your passions to help you choose your path in the wine business,” the posting added.

For those who really want to give this a shot, you may upload your video applications via the Murphy-Goode Winery website. Deadline for sending applications is on June 30, 2021 and the job will reportedly start in September.

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