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Motorsports Driver Posed as a Car Salesgirl and Shows Male Customers How to REALLY Drive





Let’s face it, men can be very sexist when it comes to the subject of female drivers. A lot of guys think that men are better drivers and that a woman has no place behind the wheel. Well, these guys who were checking out this new Mitsubishi pickup truck got schooled differently by a woman driver who certainly can teach them a thing or two about extreme driving.

Leona Chin, Motorsports Babe

Leona Chin, Motorsports Babe

Malaysian professional motorsports driver Leona Chin posed as a salesgirl at a Mitsubishi showroom and was tasked to sell the new pickup truck to male customers.


The guys dismissed her as just another salesgirl who didn’t know better; one was even hitting on her!


“What’s a pretty girl like you doing selling cars?”

“You have really soft hands.”

“This is your forte, you should know better.”

“You know how to handle this car? This is a man’s car, you know.”

She invited them to take the truck out for a test drive. When she got behind the wheel, Leona the Motorsports Driver took over and started drifting the vehicle like the pro that she is. Needless to say, things got really hilarious!

Watch the video below:

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Learn your lesson, guys. Hopefully this will make you think twice about underestimating female drivers.


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