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Touching Short Film Documents Mothers’ Love Through The Eyes and Voices of Young Children





It is an understatement to say that a mother’s love is immeasurable. For mothers, it is but natural to do everything for their kids. They’ve embraced their roles as the primary carers and guardians of their children and they show it in simple yet very meaningful ways. For them, nothing is extraordinary with their daily chores as they do it out of love and honor to their children. They do things without expecting anything in return because even if they sometimes feel the burden of taking care of the home, they are, at the end of the day, happy and fulfilled.

In this short film/ video that we found, the maker, Matt Bieler, got inspired by his sister who is taking care of her three children. So he created this short clip entitled “3 Queens,” which feature moms’ selfless deeds for their children. It is really touching and after watching the video, we can’t help but recall everything our mothers did for us when we were still young. Furthermore, we are pretty sure mothers whose kids have already grown up miss these types of daily tasks.

Watch the video here:

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