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You Will Never Look At Your Mothers The Same Way Before After Hearing Their Darkest Secrets! LOL!





Mothers don’t lie. Never. They would rather be hanged upside down rather than be guilty of lying. Well, lying or at least admitting something with a slight blemish of a white lie is easy but wait until these mothers are put under a lie detector test where their own flesh and blood gets to ask them anything and everything under the sun. The end results, totally the most unexpected revelations!

With the appealing idea of knowing the darkest and well-kept secrets of your roots, who would not dare take the opportunity to ask the oddest and most malicious questions given a 100% accuracy, right? So without any hesitations, these kids came in prepared with their own bunch of questions and my oh my, did their mothers moved them with the most unexpected disclosures!

Everybody carries their bags of truths and lies. However, as for our mothers, whatever they did last summer or so will never surpass the fact that they are still our mothers. Whatever baggage they are bringing even up to now, or left behind has molded them to become the person who we all came from. Whoever we are now, we owe that to our mothers just as much as we owe them to our fathers. For that, we are forever grateful to have our own number one fan—our mother.

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