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Mom Sells Photos And Videos Of Her Feet Online To Pay For Christmas Presents

Naughty or nice?

Buying Christmas gifts is not an easy task. Not only are you searching for the perfect one for your family and friends but sometimes, presents are simply not budget-friendly.

As magical as Christmas can be, there’s no doubt that it can also be a stressful time – with presents, food, and gatherings all needing to be paid for, money can be really tight. However, one mom found a way to make her Christmas shopping a lot easier.

Kayla Woods from Pensacola, Florida shared that she has been earning more than $2,000 by going out on dates with men and sending out images and videos of her toes.

She joined the dating site in 2015. The website offers a paid date where men pay for $100 and $200 to take you out.

The mother-of-one saw it as an easy way to earn extra money and has been selling her photos and clips to clients who like feet. She charges them $10 for a picture and $40 for a video.

She said:

“About 12 months ago I was going on dates with someone who had this particular interest… I was sending him selfies, and then he asked me to send a picture of my feet.”

Although Kayla thought her feet were unattractive, she realized that there are people out that feel otherwise.

So yes, she decided to make some cash out of it instead.

According to Kayla, her new source of income would allow her to afford things better during the yuletide season. On top of that, she gets to buy her baby’s basic needs.

Moreover, Kayla shared that she used the money she earned buying all of her Christmas presents for her mom, baby, and partner. She even bought a ham worth $67 for the holidays.

Clients may also pay their tab by fulfilling Kayla’s Amazon wish list.


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Entitled Mom Outraged After Child Was Not Allowed To Pet Service Dog

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Which one are you?


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