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Mom Prepares Cartoon Lunchboxes To Help Lonely Daughter Gain Friends In School





We all know that there’s nothing a mom and dad would not do to make their children happy. But despite their best efforts in keeping their kids heartache-free, that’s really inevitable in life sometimes. Still, good parents will always find a way to make things better for their little ones.

Just take this one mom from Hong Kong, for example. After learning that her daughter was isolated from the other kids in school, Candace Ku made sure that the next time she goes back she will gain friends.

Candace started feeling concerned after her daughter comes home from school with a sad face. Instead of brushing it off and not making a big deal out of it, she wanted to dig deeper and learn more about the matter. That’s when she realized that her daughter had often been lonely on the playground because the other children didn’t want to play with her.

Her mother’s instinct kicked in and she instantly wanted to make things better for her child. Candace spent a lot of time wondering what she can do about the problem and eventually came up with an idea – she’ll make colorful meals for her daughter.

According to Candace, she thought that creating beloved cartoon characters into food would start a conversation with the other kids and her daughter will not feel lonely anymore.

Doing it, however, took a lot of work as Candace would usually get up really early to prepare the lunchboxes. Still, all the effort was all worth it as her idea proved to be effective.

Impressed with her creative meals, kids started to become friends with her daughter.

Upon her return from school, she happily shared how the other kids wanted to sit with her during meal time.

Seeing her daughter happy, Candace Ku decided to keep making the awesome lunchboxes for her.

The story eventually went viral online and numerous netizens have since praised Candace not only for her creativity but also for her motherly love.

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