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Models Wear Nothing But Duct Tape To Music Festival In Bizarre New Fashion Trend





Music festivals have always been filled with people wearing distinct clothes. For instance, you’d see a sea of black and leather if you attended a heavy metal concert. However, festival fashion appears to be getting stranger every year. A group of models recently showed up at a music festival wearing nothing but duct tape.

The models attended the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida. Although some arrived in skimpy outfits, most of them were wearing almost nothing at all. The models had strategically placed duct tape to cover up their delicate areas. The sparkly stickers were designed by Joel Alvarez, who owns the company The Black Tape Project.

Alvarez with his models at the Ultra Music Festival.
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The Black Tape Project is truly an unusual concept. Alvarez would cut the duct tape and simply stick them on models. Of course, the rising fashion icon would place the tape strategically so the woman is properly covered. In addition to using the standard black tape, Alvarez also employs sparkly tapes for texture and contrast.

Not surprisingly, people were intrigued by the models wearing duct tape to the festival. However, it seems like their main concern is how the women managed to relieve themselves in the bathroom while wearing the tape.

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@ultra had rainbows this year.

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Interestingly, the models’ appearance at the Ultra Music Festival isn’t the first time that The Black Tape Project was seen at a major event. Alvarez presented his work at 2018’s New York Fashion Week and even showed off just how quickly he can complete a design.

Alvarez creates a new swimsuit from duct tape at the NYFW runway.

For NYFW, Alvarez revealed that his designs were created just a few minutes before the models walked the runway.

“Nothing is prepared prior. It’s all made on the spot,” Alvarez wrote. “Assistants helping me fill on the designs as I manage them and create new ones at the same time. A form of chaotic therapy.”

Here are more of Alvarez’s works.
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Model @denasha.bre Photo and tape by @blacktapeproject

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You can see more of Alvarez’s stunning work on Instagram @theblacktapeproject.

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