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Traveling Artist Creates Impressive Miniature Cut-Out Illustrations of Famous Landmarks

They're so detailed!

Maxwell Tilse is a highly skilled illustrator who has been creating small but stunning drawings of the cities he visits. In his two years of staying in London, he has completed a remarkable series of miniature cut-out illustrations of different pubs and famous landmarks in the area. His creations are truly impressive.

While the little drawings are only about 5cm tall, they are extremely detailed. The intricate illustrations are able to capture London’s rich architecture.

Tilse shares his works on Instagram.

In his posts, the artist also shares historical facts about the structures.

He wrote about the Big Ben on his Instagram:

“Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower. Big Ben is actually the giant bell that lives inside the clock.) Today I went to sketch one of my all-time favorite landmarks while it still chimes and before it becomes covered in scaffolding. As of tomorrow, August 21, 2017, the iconic clock tower will cease chiming until 2021. Big Ben has marked the hour with almost unbroken service since 1860. The £29m renovations will install a new lift, a basic washroom/bathroom, a four-lane bowling alley and not one but two Pret A Mangers. You can’t stop progress folks.”

His prints may also be seen and purchased on Etsy.

Tilse is originally from Sydney, Australia.

Tilse wrote on his Instagram:

“The Coach & Horses, 5 Bruton Street, Mayfair. If you’re passing through Mayfair, just before you reach GO and collect $200, you may notice this cute freestanding Tudorbethan pub. The pub itself isn’t anything unique. In fact, there are over 50 pubs named Coach & Horses in London alone. But I do love the mock Tudor architecture that’s nestled in between the grand Victorian hotels and galleries. The little drawing is only 5cm tall.”

While living in London, he has developed a fondness for the places he has illustrated.

According to his Instagram bio, all his works are hand drawn and nothing is digitally done.

What do you think of his works?

Are you impressed by Tilse’s works?

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