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Nerve-Wracking Video Shows 12-Year-Old Boy Fearlessly Touching King Cobra’s Head

Kids, do not try this at home. Or anywhere else, for that matter!

Mark Andrew





For someone afraid of snakes, I really couldn’t imagine putting myself in this boy’s shoes.

12-year-old Miller Wilson hails from Queensland, Australia and is already a certified YouTube celebrity having millions of subscribers since joining the video-sharing site just last March 2015.

According to his channel’s about page, the boy adventurer aims to “bring you closer to nature, from cute little creatures to downright deadly snakes, and all animals in between!”

He has gained a lot of online attention because he catches and touches animals using his bare hands.

Yes, you read that right – his bare hands!

Miller Wilson is a 12-year-old YouTube star who loves interacting with animals – even the deadly ones.

That’s exactly what he did in his latest video where he traveled all the way to Western Bali where he managed to touch the head of not one but two king cobras.

At one point, he even fearlessly grabbed a venomous serpent by the neck.

miller wilson snake 5

To give you an idea how dangerous that is, you have to remember that a single king cobra bite has enough venom to kill an adult elephant.

You have to see it to believe it.

Go watch the video here:

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In the video description, Miller writes:

“We have traveled to Bali In order to find one thing… ANIMALS, and before I went, I found a group of people called the “Bali Reptile Rescue” – and after organizing for me to be with them for 3 days, I was very excited!

But still I had no idea what was going to happen… And after the 3 day experience, I managed to find Pangolins, Stingrays, Loads of snakes, Porcupines, Lizards, but most importantly COBRAS!! But the thing to top that all off was I managed to touch 2 KING Cobras on their heads, without them being restrained!! It was such an AMAZING experience and I will 100% be going back!”

Frankly, I don’t know how the boy does it but one thing’s pretty clear to me – I would never attempt to pull such a crazy stunt.


Former Model’s Addiction to Plastic Surgery Led to Devastating Results

The other side of cosmetic surgery.

Ivan Menchavez



When a beautiful woman from South Korea named Hang Mioku became addicted to plastic surgery, she injected cooking oil into her face after doctors refused to do more cosmetic surgical procedure on her.

The result was devastating. The natural beauty she once had has been left permanently disfigured. Evidently, her DIY beauty regimen did not work and now she is literally scarred for life.

It all started when she wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a famous model in Japan. She wanted to look more beautiful and tried her first plastic surgery. She became obsessed with the process that the doctors noticed that her face became bigger.

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US and Japan To Face Off In World’s First Giant Robot Fight This June

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Mark Andrew



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Besides, this is the year when the much-anticipated giant robot battle – the first of its kind in the world – will finally be held. The long wait will be officially over in June.

If you grew up watching giant robot fights on those Saturday morning cartoons, you know you wouldn’t want to miss this one.

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Brave Free Diver Plunges into the Deepest Blue Hole in the World in this Remarkable Video

It is still an amazing feat, regardless of whether it was fake or not.

Ann Moises



While there are people who climb the highest mountain just to jump off it, there are those who prefer to go in the opposite direction.

Free divers plunge into the deepest parts of the ocean without any gears to help them breathe. They rely only on their breathing abilities until they could resurface from the water.

As if that isn’t challenging enough, one free diver decided to take on an enormous blue hole in the Bahamas. With nothing but his suit and goggles, world champion free diver Guillaume Nery nose-dived into Dean’s Blue Hole---the deepest underwater sinkhole in the world---and created a spectacular yet terrifying film in 2010.

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