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10 ‘Unrestorable’ Photos Get Meticulously Restored And The Results Are Amazing

These repaired photos are truly stunning!

We all have that one photograph from our childhood that we may have drawn over or tore to pieces. Some people might have a picture of a family member that is so old that its falling apart. Most of these photos are usually considered “unrestorable” and are just kept because of their value and memories.

In a world filled with badly damaged photographs, a hero emerges. Michelle Spalding meticulously restores pictures that have been damaged by time, situations, or an overly creative coloring project. It’s a painstaking process but the results are truly amazing. Here are 10 photos that Spalding worked on.

#1. The Grandparents’ Photo

According to Spalding, the image depicts a female client as a child with her grandparents. The woman claims that this is the only photograph she has of her grandparents when she was still a baby.

#2. Removing The Tubes

Old photos are not the only ones that Spalding has to work with. In this case, she carefully removed the tubes from a baby so she looks healthy and happy.

#3. The Gorgeous Young Mother

The picture is only partially damaged but Spalding’s work is still amazing.

#4. The Defaced Picture Of Mom

We don’t know who had drawn all over this photo, which happens to be the only photograph a man has of his mother. Unfortunately, she passed away when he was born but now he can see her beautiful face clearly.

#5. The Family Portrait From Another Century

The photo certainly looks like the owner has taken care of it considering that it is still in pretty good shape. However, Spalding has fully restored the image so it looks like it was just taken yesterday.

#6. The Favorite Uncle

The baby in the photo may have loved their uncle but one cat certainly didn’t. Although the cat had succeeded in ruining the picture, Spalding still managed to save it.

#7. The Childhood Photo

Spalding writes that she fixed “emulsion loss” on this photograph, which happens to be the only picture of the subject as a child.

#8. Getting Rid Of The Shadow

The vintage photograph happens to have a shadow covering the young subject. However, Spalding effectively removed it to reveal an adorable smiling face.

#9. The Ancestor’s Photograph

This is another 20th Century photo that has kept well although it does have some damage. When brightened up, it shows a thoughtful young person.

#10. A Long Lost Relative Returns

The photograph of the young sailor certainly needs some repair. Spalding managed to make it look good as new and even added color to the image.

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