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Study Reveals, Men Can Spot a Cheating Woman Just By Looking at Her Face





We’ve been told not to judge a book by its cover, but a recent study suggests that men can sense if a woman is faithful just by examining her photograph.

An experiment conducted by researchers from the University of Western Australia revealed that men have the surprising ability to determine whether a woman is a heartbreaker or not.

A group of men were asked to briefly examine photos of 34 women. The ladies’s photos were shown in pairs- one had stayed faithful to her partner, while the other had duped her partner at least twice in the past. No additional information about the ladies were given.

The men were then asked to choose which of the two ladies was more faithful.

Apparently, men can determine if a woman is a heartbreaker.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

The results of the experiment showed that men were able to spot which woman is the heartbreaker in between 55% to 58% of the tests.

Dr Samantha Leivers, head of the research team, said:

“In summary, we show for the first time that men’s judgments of faithfulness from images of women can contain a kernel of truth when they are able to directly compare images in a forced choice task, although accuracy did not generalise to all pairs of women.”

“We don’t expect them to be 100 per cent accurate when they are literally just looking at someone’s face for a few seconds,” she added.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

In the future, the team of researchers plan to investigate the visual cues men use to determine a woman’s faithfulness. Dr. Leivers and her team intend to follow up the study by looking into the link between emotions and expressions.

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