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Watch Men React When Gorgeous Girl Accidentally Drops Her Panties





Okay, this is a prank, but a damn effective one! So there’s a beautiful girl with legs for days, standing casually at the stairs while reading a magazine. All of a sudden, her red lace panties drop down to her ankles! There are people walking by the stairs and the reaction of those who’ve seen her panties drop is just downright hilarious!

I can’t blame them, especially the men…I mean, how else would you react if you saw panties dropping down a hot girl’s legs and she happens to be wearing a teeny tiny skirt?

See for yourself and have a good laugh!

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What’s even more funny is the difference between how men and women reacted towards the sight of panties dropping. The women actually came up to the girl to tell her that her panties are all around her ankles, while NONE of the men took the trouble to do that. Boys will be boys, all right!

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