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Talented Artist Turns Cremated Remains of Departed Ones into Beautiful Jewelry!





Losing a loved one is hard and even though remembering them is painful, we still want their memories to linger with us forever. We often find solace in things that will remind us about our dearly departed so we cling to them like the air we breathe — like life.

Some people prefer to scatter the ashes in some place memorable. Just like the story of the devastated mother who scattered her son’s ashes to over 9,000 destinations across the world. But what this talented artist did to the ashes of departed ones is totally brilliant!

What first started as a request turns into something spectacular. California artist Merry Coor was asked by a young couple to include the ashes of a friend into a bead and that is the beginning of everything. It was then that she realized the purpose of her craft, preserving people’s memory of their loved ones in the form of beautifully crafted jewelries.

A ‘beautiful memory’ indeed.


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