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Medical Video Shows 15cm Long Parasitic Worm Removed From a Man’s Eye

The grim creature can be seen buried in the side of the patient’s right eye.

The following medical video footage has captured the moment doctors removed a wriggling worm from a man’s eye.

The unnamed patient, from India, complained of both pain and itching in his eyes and decided to seek medical help.

The man was treated by Dr Srikanth Shetty at a hospital in Kundapur. Further tests revealed the 60-year-old, from Karnataka – a state in the south west of the country – also had worms in his blood.

In the video you can see the worm clinging to the man’s eye as he moves it around.

It needed to be removed as soon as possible or there was a risk to the patient’s eyesight.

Dr Shetty carefully uses special forceps to grab hold of the worm and pull it out of the man’s eye socket.

As it’s pulled out it looks like a long piece of string that got caught in the man’s eye.

Dr Shetty places it in a plastic container where the sheer size of the creature can be seen.

Dr Srikanth Shetty noticed the parasitic worm in his eye and identified it as being from the Wuchereria Bancrofti species, a type of parasitic roundworm that is passed on by mosquitoes. The actual medical term for having a parasitic worm or its larvae in the eye is ocular filariasis.

Mosquitoes pass larvae of the worm on to humans when they bite them, which then travel through the blood stream and develop into adults.

The worm is one of the most common causes of elephantiasis, which causes extreme swelling in the arms and legs.


It is caused when a blockage occurs in the lymphatic system – the network of tissues and organs in the body that help rid itself of toxins.

The most common cause of the condition is filariasis, a parasitic disease caused by an infection with roundworms.

Elephantiasis usually causes the skin to thicken, which allows the limbs to become swollen.

The condition can be treated using medication to kill the worms.

An estimated 120 million people, primarily in Central Africa, South and Central America, and Asia are infected with the worm. It is rare to be found in the eye.

Watch the video:

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Dr Shetty warned the worm had the potential to permanently damage the man’s eyesight, if it was not removed immediately.

He told local reporters: ‘The challenge was to pull out the worm live as killing it inside the eye would have created complications.

‘It was also difficult to pin it down as it was moving around. The patient has worms in his blood also and has been put on medication.’

‘The patient has worms in his blood also and has been put on medication. Extraction of a 15cm long worm from the eye is a first here.’

Wuchereria Bancrofti, a human parasite, is a major cause of lymphatic filariasis. These filarial worms are spread by a variety of mosquito vector species.


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