Massive Frog ‘As Big As A Human Baby’ Found In Solomon Islands

What a big frog!

  • A huge frog almost the ‘same size as a human baby’ has been found in Honiara, Solomon Islands.
  • 35-year-old Jimmy Hugo said he spotted the amphibian while hunting wild pigs.
  • The species is called Cornufer guppyi and is considered rare.

Imagine how you would react if you found a huge frog that’s almost the same size as a human baby. Well that’s exactly what happened in Honiara, Solomon Islands after locals spotted a frog many described as the biggest one they’ve ever seen.

According to reports, the massive amphibian was found last April in Honiara, Solomon Islands. It weighed nearly one kilo.

Apparently, Jimmy Hugo, 35, was hunting for wild pigs in the area when he encountered the human baby-sized frog. He later took some photos and uploaded it on social media. It went viral from there.

“At first, I thought only a few people would see it and then suddenly I saw lots and lots of people commenting, surprised,” remarked Hugo. “I was very surprised to see how people reacted to the picture.”

In an interview, Hugo shared that the frogs are called “bush chicken” by the villagers. While these frogs have a reputation for being hard to catch, he was able to get it after dogs came after it.

The giant frog has since been eaten by locals. “That’s the expression, it’s bush chicken,” added Hugo, saying its meat is actually “more delicious than chicken.”

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In a Facebook post, biologist Patrick Pikacha shared that these rare water frogs are called Cornufer guppyi.

He wrote:

“On some islands like Nggatokae, these frogs are the top native terrestrial predators in the absence of pigs, and can grow to much larger sizes than the ones shown here.

“These frogs are an excellent indicator of water quality. As more streams get polluted as a result of anthropogenic impacts, mainly caused by logging, throughout their range they are becoming rare.”

Watch his video here:

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