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Man’s Rant About Wearing His Wife’s Panties Earns Plenty of Praise

I wear her panties one time, and suddenly I have "overstep" my boundaries!

A Filipino celebrity, recently earned a lot of praise after admitting he wore his wife’s panties once. This might sound like a kink but seriously, it’s not.

Nico Bolzico wrote in a viral post how his wife, Filipino actress Solenn Heussaff, is able to wear any of his clothes. But when he wears her panties just once, he was suddenly accused of “overstepping the boundaries”.

Here’s what Nico wrote in his viral post:

She wears my T-Shirts to bed, she wears my jacket when she is cold and she even wears my boxers sometimes … Buuutt I wear her panties one time, and suddenly I have “overstep” my boundaries!

The lesson here is that “whatever is theirs is theirs, and whatever is ours is also theirs!”

This might sound like a cliche, but it should be like that. Everything we have and everything we do should be theirs and for them, why? There are many reasons; from a nature point of view, our ladies are the ones that carry our babies for 9 months and give birth; us men we can barely carry the groceries bags, and we need to make many trips, also, I don’t think we would be strong enough to give birth! 

But also, in today’s society, unfortunately, our ladies are not being treated equally; normally they get lower salaries for the same type of positions, they suffer multiple cases of abuse and a lot of times they are treated like if they were a thing or a prize. I am not saying that everyone is like that but unfortunately a great part of the society is! And sometimes, we are so inserted on it, that we are also part of the problem, I have made many mistakes in the past regarding this and I do still make them today, I always try to be aware, to realize that I am being unfair.

So, in order to change that, we need to start at home. Always remember how important they are to us; remember your mum, your sister, and your partner and be ready to give them all you have, not because they needed but because they deserve it!

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