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Man Without Hands Creates The Most Awesome Miniature Tricycles Ever

His works are impressive!






Some people are born with a complete set of limbs, yet some of them can be ungrateful. On the other hand, there are those who are not handed the same fate but still manage to do amazing things, just like this man from Dumaguete City, Philippines.

A man without hands wowed the online community when Filipino photographer Denniz Futalan took pictures of his creations. The photos were shared by Top Gear Philippines, a community of car enthusiasts.

Anyone will be easily impressed once they find out about the man who creates these masterpieces.

You’ll see how detailed these handcrafted items are.




And you’ll never guess who makes them.


You might think that these small items were made from a machine or someone gifted with meticulous hands, but they weren’t.

This man here is behind all these beautiful creations.



He doesn’t have hands or fingers to work the magic on those miniature tricycle models, but he was able to do it.
According to Futalan, the craftsman learned how to make the tiny tricycles from the owner of a digital electronic service shop in the area.



These small scale models of tricycles or “pediboxes,” as how Futalan likes to call it, are so small it can sit on the palm of your hand. Some are even made to be so tiny it only measures one square inch.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if these small scale models would cost about $10 a piece for the tiny ones or about $40 for bigger models because we can see pure hard work and artistry here. If you fancy miniature models of various things, then this should make for an amazing collection.

You can even order one that’s customized according to your preference or check them out at the corner of San Jose and Maria Cristina Streets in Dumaguete city.

H/T: Top Gear Philippines


Cop From Halifax Goes Viral With Heartwarming Candid Photo

Our hats are off for this kindhearted police officer!

Mark Andrew



A police officer from Halifax has captured the hearts of netizens across the world because of a candid photo that eventually went viral. Now he’s become some sort of internet celebrity!

Constable Shawn Curie was photographed on Spring Garden Road, relaxing with his legs outstretched and chatting with a street performer. Bruno Baurin, a federal worker, captured the image when he spotted the two men while he was having a lunch break.

He later posted the said photo on Facebook and it eventually took life on its own as it earned thousands of likes and shares.

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Touching Chinese Ad Encourages Busy Parents To Spend More Time With Their Kids

Damn those invisible ninjas cutting some onions again!

Mark Andrew



This heartbreaking advertisement from China has been making rounds on the internet lately. The short 1-minute clip shows a little girl who, like most kids, really wants to spend more time with her father.

The video begins with a father standing in front of a cash point and opening his wallet which contains a photo of his wife and daughter. This part establishes that yes, the father is miles away from his family - or is at least spending too much time on his work.

This touching Chinese ad has caught the attention of netizens across the world.

chinese ad encourages parents to spend more time with kids

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Man Shares His Epic Love Story And Captivates Thousands Of Hearts

True story. True love.

Ann Moises



It's not every day that you’d come to meet someone who wouldn't give up on you when you’re at your lowest. When you're struggling with your job, your finances, and everything else in between, and you feel like all your efforts are futile, you often find yourself doubting your own worth.

But when a person accepts you and promises to remain by your side when you don't have anything else to offer other than yourself, what would you do?

Priscilla knew from the start that her relationship with Victor won't be something that can be compared to a fairytale. He doesn't have much; hence, he couldn't give much. No lavish gifts, romantic weekends on a remote island, nor fancy dates in expensive restaurants. However, those things didn't matter to her. She loved him and she gladly accepted the things Victor gave her with all her heart, no matter how small or simple it is.

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