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Man Throws Own Six-Month-Old Daughter Off The Roof During A Standoff With Police

Desperate to save his home from demolition, the man threatened officers to back off using his baby.

A man in South Africa has been arrested for putting his own baby in danger in protest against having his home demolished. The father climbed on to the roof of his home while carrying the baby with him as police officers lined up below him.

The man, 38, who lives in a little shack, was trying to make a stand and let authorities know he won’t go down without a fight. The township protest happened in Kwadwesi, near Port Elizabeth, in South Africa.

Just as the police officer was about to grab the man, the father then threw his baby off the roof.

Fellow township protesters seem to be condoning the man’s horrific actions as they can be heard chanting encouragement to throw the child. The good thing was that the child wasn’t hurt as policemen on the ground were able to catch her.

The father used his baby to protest against the demolition of his home.

He even tried to order the officer to step back.

He dangled the baby by her angle before swinging and dropping her off the roof.

Ninety shacks were built illegally on the area and the government had ordered for all of them to be demolished. Around 150 people protested against the demolition and the South African Police Service had been sent since protesters started becoming violent. A riot ensued with some members of the group throwing around bricks and blocking the roads by burning tires.

Later on, the man threatened to throw his own flesh and blood if the authorities won’t leave his home alone. As negotiators tried and failed to talk the man out of his crazy idea, the police had already hatched a rescue plan to make sure the baby will not be harmed.

An officer was able to grab the man while the baby was caught by other officers below.

The man was charged with attempted m***** for his desperate act of protest.

Police spokesman Captain Andre Beetge told reporters that the baby will be handed over to her mother. Social services will then take over to make sure that the child remains safe. Meanwhile, the demolition team was successful with their job as 90 illegally-built shacks were destroyed.


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