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A Man Suffered from a Nosebleed and What Doctors Pulled Out Was Extremely Shocking.





For some people, nosebleeds are common. If it’s too cold, or too hot, expect an epistaxis episode. But what if your nosebleed is so severe that the clot is spread out from your nose to your lungs? Not good. Not good at all.

A Reddit user has posted a photo of a blood clot extracted from the lungs of an unidentified patient. The patient complained of a prolonged case of nosebleed, and when he figured it wasn’t going to stop on its own, he decided to seek medical help. Doctors at the ER who attended the patient were shocked with what they pulled out.

Warning: The photo below might be too gross for some. View at your own risk.

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Photo credit: Reddit

The photo was uploaded with the caption:”Eighty-year-old male with nose bleed for two days. Refused to go to ER. Wife finally talked him into going. He coded shortly after arriving. Doctor went to intubate and found this. Pulled it out in one piece. It’s a blood clot that went from his nose, down his airway, and into his lungs. It’s an amazingly beautiful blood clot.” Had he decided to delay his visit to the hospital, the ending of the story would have been entirely different.

Nosebleeds, though common, may be life-threatening in some cases. Although the cause of the strange clot extracted from the patient was not disclosed, the fact that the clot was THAT extensive might be indicative of a more serious condition. If you experience a nosebleed lasting longer than 20 minutes, promptly seek medical attention. It never hurts to be cautious about our health.

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