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Man Proposes in a Paddle Boat, and it Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong!

“Don’t bring anything on a boat that you ain’t prepared to lose”


Every woman dreams of experiencing an unforgettable wedding proposal, and we have watched several romantic ones indeed. But before that life-changing day happens, the guy plans every minute detail from where and when to how he wants that crucial moment to unfold. And then, he—with the help of family and close friends sometimes—execute the plan to the letter. After all, a wedding proposal ought to be a memorable experience for the couple. Some men even envision how their partners would react.

YouTuber Swilk16 decided it was best to pop the big question while he and his girlfriend were in a paddleboat with a group of other people.

It was a good day and things were going perfectly well until he pointed towards the shoreline. That’s when the girl saw a few of their buddies holding signs and calling out her name.

The woman was definitely surprised. You’ll even hear her say “shut up” several times. But when the camera panned back to the couple, and as the woman saw her boyfriend holding that special piece of jewelry, she made the biggest mistake ever!

She accidentally knocked the engagement ring out of his boyfriend’s hand, and it fell into the water!

Watch this:

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Aww! Just look at the face of the bloke as he slid off the boat and into the water to search for the ring! Unfortunately, the video ended and we don’t know if he ever found it.

I guess the guy was unprepared for that kind of reaction from his girl, eh?


The “A4 Waist Challenge” is The Latest Trend In China And It’s Sweeping Across Asia

Basically, they wanted to prove that they have narrow waists.

Another body challenge has taken the internet by storm, and it’s quite disturbing. This newest trend, which originated in China, is called The A4 Waist Challenge.

The craze basically dares a woman to show the world that her waist is as small---or even smaller---than the standard size of a paper, which is 8.27 inches vertically.

Ultimately, it wants women to prove that they meet the beauty standard.

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Headless Man Caught on Video Fanning Himself Outside a Bank

It’s too early for Halloween, but this video will give you the creeps!

A video uploaded by a netizen on Facebook is already going viral as it features a man who appears to be headless.

A young man named Ivan Mendoza from Philippines shared the video yesterday, on Mar. 16. Elite Readers did some digging and found that the video was taken on Sunday.

The video was taken from across a local bank, a branch of one of the country’s biggest banks. The video may be of low quality but Mendoza insisted that he saw what he saw.

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EgyptAir Plane Left With A Massive Hole In Its Nose After Hitting A Bird

Must’ve been a huge bird, I guess?

In case you’ve ever wondered what kind of damage a bird can do if it ever hits a plane, we have the answer for you.

Recently, several news websites shared reports about an Egyptair plane which was left with a massive hole in its nose after a bird clashed on it. The Boeing 737 aircraft was carrying 71 passengers on board when it was struck by the feathered flyer on its way to London Heathrow. The plane arrived to the airport straight from its Cairo flight.

According to the news, the plane still managed to land safely and no one was hurt from the incident. The hole was estimated to be around 60 centimeters (or almost 2 feet) in diameter.

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