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He Pokes His Phone With A Knife. What The Camera Captures Is Terrifying!





A man attempts to break into the metal battery of his phone using a knife. What we did not expect was the crazy result afterwards – it literally burst into flames! It is totally unexpected!

Although this incident is quite rare, various news and researches have attested to the fact that this reaction is indeed possible. Most electronic devices, such as laptops and mobile phones use lithium-ion batteries that are sensitive to heat, and thus may cause harmful reactions when overcharged or overheated. Then why use this type of material for batteries? Lithium are lightweight, and is perfect for small handheld devices.

Watch the video here:

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This should serve a lesson for us all to put sharp things away from our mobile phones to prevent these reactions. While, the man in the video consciously performed the act, all of us should still take extra precaution, whether we intend to do the same thing or not. BUT of course, we are not only discouraging, but we are PROHIBITING everybody from doing this at home.

Now this reminds me of some freak accidents I’ve read before like this teen girl who woke up only to find her bed burnt by her phone and this mom who badly burnt her breast after falling asleep on her iPhone. So terrifying!

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