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What This Man Did to 15 Random Grocery Shoppers is Heartwarming





With all the violence and unwanted news we see, hear and read everyday, it’s hard to have faith in humanity anymore. We also have some tough times ourselves and it sometimes gets hard to live by each day. It’s hard to see the goodness in people, specially when times get tough.

But two high school friends did something to make 15 random strangers strengthen their faith and believe in humanity again. Pastor Rob Westerman and Minister Mike Lewis from Cincinnati, Ohio surprised random strangers with an act of kindness that seemed like just a simple act but meant a lot to the people they blessed.

A few of the people who were randomly surprised was a man who got mugged the previous week, and a woman who was crying all morning.

Find out what Rob did that made one ordinary day amazing!

Watch this video:

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So, what random act of kindness can you do today? Remember, every simple act of kindness goes a long way.