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Man With Half-Meter Manhood Finds It Very Hard To Find Work

The poor guy couldn’t even have romantic relationships.

Given the obsession that men have with penis size, you would think that one who has a whopping 1.5 feet long member must be rolling around in cash with a score of gorgeous women. Some men will definitely give anything just to have his size. But Roberto Exquivel Cabrera’s situation is far from that. In fact, he’s having a very hard time finding means to support himself.

According to Barcroft TV, Cabrera registered as a disabled person, claiming that his enormous manhood makes it impossible for him to keep a job.

The 54-year old Mexican shares that he can’t kneel down.

“I cannot do anything, I cannot work, and I am disabled so I want authorities to declare me as a disabled person and give me support,” he said.

He can’t also wear uniforms because none will fit his lower body comfortably. Filing for disability means he gets some funding but obviously it’s not enough for him to live decently. He said that he scavenges for food or gets his meals from food banks.

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He gets urinary tract infections constantly so he is forced to keep his member wrapped in bandages to avoid chafing and discomfort.

Now you may be wondering why his member is so huge. Cabrera claims that his penis is all natural.

He said he used weights when he was young to stretch his member.

Despite his hardships, Cabrera refused to undergo reduction surgery.

“He’d rather have a penis bigger than the rest of the people,” said Dr. Jesus David Salazar Gonzalez.

The man even tried to get his penis size into the Guinness Book of Records, but he was turned down when doctors discovered that most of his manhood is just foreskin.

He did earn a title from the World Record Academy in 2015.

“I’m happy with my penis. I know nobody has the size I have,” he said.

Cabrera thinks he will be successful in the porn industry.

“I think I would make a lot of money over there,” he said.


Man With the Longest Penis in the World Receives Offer to Become a Porn Star

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A doctor based in East Brunswick, New Jersey, however, is now being accused of reusing disposable one-use anal catheters on many of his patients. Dr. Sanjiv K. Patankar, a colorectal surgeon, had his medical license suspended for placing his patients in imminent danger.

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