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Meet The Grown Man Who Lives His Life As A Domesticated Dog

Find out why this grown up man wants to live as a human-dog.

Dogs are pretty irresistible and it is this natural charm that made them easily man’s best friend. Having a make-believe pup though is extremely weird that it might make you hesitate to play throw and fetch. Walking them around town will also be downright awkward.

Former couple Rachel Watson and Tom Peters were supposed to get married until the bride-to-be discovered her fiancé’s odd lifestyle. Before these U.K. residents got engaged, Rachel had no idea that Tom lives as a human dog. She felt as though she couldn’t live a life sitting a puppy-hubby so she called off the engagement but decided to stay connected as friends. Currently, the two are enjoying a closer connection than what they used to have when they were still in a romantic relationship.

Tom dresses up as a dog after a busy day at the office.

Most of us would see Tom’s new lifestyle as something truly odd, but there are actually a lot of others who also live as a human dog. This is a condition known as clinical lycanthropy which is a rare psychiatric syndrome that makes people want to be turned into an animal. Some of the affected people live as human animals to satisfy their sexual desires, but Tom insists that his lifestyle is focused on finding comfort.

Tom and Rachel then took to “This Morning” TV show to discuss their relationship as friends. Tom and a whole, hidden community of other grown men who dress as a dog for leisure were featured in “The Secret Life of Human Pups.” Rachel said that this documentary helped her have a full understanding of his ex’s lifestyle.

Tom has been living like a dog on his free time for a decade now.

Source: youtube

Some of the men chose to dress up like dogs to fulfill their desire in the bedroom, but for Tom, living like a dog fills in his deep need for companionship. He doesn’t live as a human dog 24/7, though. He works as a sound and lighting technician for a local company theater, and it is only during his free time that you will see him like a puppy.

Tom’s dedication to becoming a dog has gone on for almost a decade now. He has already spent almost £4,000 on his puppy gears. He spends his evenings hanging out in his large cage and even has “doggy training pads” to help him relieve himself while he’s in his cage. The way Tom has been living for the past years has all been documented in “The Secret Life Of Human Pups.”

Tom says living as a human-dog satisfies his need for companionship and denies doing so for sexual pleasure.

Tom called his alter ego as Spot and it is actually what he considers as his true personality. He even got himself a handler who happens to be his friend, Collin. The duo is not in a romantic relationship, although they admitted to being friends with benefits.

Tom claims that becoming a human-dog gives him a therapeutic relief. And as for Rachel, she said that she’s happy to have such a friend, but her relationship with Tom will never be romantic.

Take a peek at Tom’s life as a human-dog.

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