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Making Potato Chips Is Now Easier Than Ever. I Can’t Believe it’s Ridiculously Simple!

I had no idea you could make potato chips this way!

I certainly love potatoes. I think potatoes are everyone’s favorite. From kids to adults lining up on different fast food restaurants for a large potato fries to couple with their ice cold soda or a quarter pound cheeseburger. Some health buffs opt for a healthier meal though and prefer the homemade ones. Anyhow, be it mashed, baked or fried, healthy or not, potatoes are surely must-haves.

In case you didn’t know, potatoes are good sources of Vitamin C and B6. It’s an excellent source of Potassium, even better than bananas. They also contain iron and fiber which is perfect for the health conscious individuals.

With more than 3 million followers on YouTube, this self-proclaimed “Crazy Russian Hacker” has come up with yet another very interesting life hack. While a lot of people struggle to perfect their homemade potato chips, trying to figure out its techniques and how-to’s. The Crazy Russian Hacker did it with so much ease and speed. Prepare to drool because what you will see after this is just way too cool.

Watch the Awesome Video:

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By The Time I Realized What’s Inside This Normal-Looking Home, I was STUNNED!

This extraordinary accomplishment is surely astounding!


Any person who truly love pets will definitely take an extra mile for the goodness of their beloved fur babies. Greg Krueger, an extraordinary cat lover, is one of them. For 15 years, he has this splendid and ambitious dream of building the ultimate home for his cats.

Krueger was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the late age of 49, but he considered his autism as a gift and blessing since it gave him great focus on what he loves the most. He has already been building special passage ways for his cats for more than 15 years all by himself. What's remarkable about this is that he designed the house piecemeal by himself. The result for his ingenuity has given his cats the comfort and opportunity to enjoy roaming around the house. And we think it's admirable for Krueger to give his cats a decent home since they have been his companions all throughout his life.

The design of the house is certainly the work of a genius. It only shows how he truly loves and cares for his companions. Watch the video and be amazed of what's inside the house! This is definitely worth sharing especially to all your friends who are cat lovers....

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How This Brilliant Horse Kept Outsmarting People Is Quite REMARKABLE!

Mystery solved… this is NOT a normal horse!


And the best animal talent goes to . . . Mariska, the HOUDINI! I have heard and watched tricks done by different kinds of animal. But this is my first to see a horse did something like this! Your right, she is a horse.

People were curious and at the same time amazed seeing Mariska outside the barn. Hence, they took out their camera to find out how she managed to get out. Remarkably, they found out that Mariska can effortlessly get out of her cage. She knew what to pull, what to push and where to go. She didn't even care even if people were watching her doing her magic tricks. We are pretty sure, his owner did not teach her how to do it. She definitely learned it on her own!

I guess the only thing that the owner need to do is install an automated lock so that she will not be roaming around anymore. Otherwise, she will always end up being outside and thinking that she has outsmarted her owner. Quite talented. Right? ...

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OMG… She made Her 4-year-old Child Feed Six Full Grown Pit Bulls just to Prove a Point!

The result will make you love dogs even more!


If you are planning to keep a dog in your house as a pet, to keep you company and for any reason, you might want to understand and consider first the dog’s breed, its behavior, characteristics and special skills that can be honed before getting one. This is because dogs are also animals that have their own instinct and nature.  Such instincts can be harmful, dangerous and disruptive.  And if not understood, these instincts will just flow naturally from dogs.  But what is wonderful about it, is that dogs have more delightful and astonishing instincts such as their capacity to be easily trained and honed than the negative side of the dogs.  Well, dogs will not be called as man’s best friends for no reason at all.  Right?  Dogs are wonderful animals.

One concrete example that dogs are wonderful animals no matter what kind of breed they are; you may want to check the video!  Yeah, those are six full grown Pit Bulls who are all waiting for their meal.  And for sure, most experts will advise not to play with hungry dogs, especially Pit Bulls which is widely known as a "bad dog breed".  At some point, what the eight year old child did in the video was quite dangerous.  She tried to feed the dogs in a different manner.  She spread the dog food on the floor while all the pit bulls were watching just few feet away from her. What happened next made me almost pee my pants!

Watch the video and see for yourself how it turns out:


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