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Making Potato Chips Is Now Easier Than Ever. I Can’t Believe it’s Ridiculously Simple!





I certainly love potatoes. I think potatoes are everyone’s favorite. From kids to adults lining up on different fast food restaurants for a large potato fries to couple with their ice cold soda or a quarter pound cheeseburger. Some health buffs opt for a healthier meal though and prefer the homemade ones. Anyhow, be it mashed, baked or fried, healthy or not, potatoes are surely must-haves.

In case you didn’t know, potatoes are good sources of Vitamin C and B6. It’s an excellent source of Potassium, even better than bananas. They also contain iron and fiber which is perfect for the health conscious individuals.

With more than 3 million followers on YouTube, this self-proclaimed “Crazy Russian Hacker” has come up with yet another very interesting life hack. While a lot of people struggle to perfect their homemade potato chips, trying to figure out its techniques and how-to’s. The Crazy Russian Hacker did it with so much ease and speed. Prepare to drool because what you will see after this is just way too cool.

Watch the Awesome Video:

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