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10 Super Simple Makeup Hacks for Low Maintenance Girls

Putting on makeup and looking put together isn't just for high-maintenance ladies. Even low-maintenance gals can learn with these simple makeup tips!

Not every woman is born with makeup skills worthy of their own YouTube channel. Everyone needs practice before they can become good at what they do. And even if you don’t have any plans of setting up your own makeup channel online, it still helps to know how to put on makeup.

You don’t need to take a makeup course to know how to put on makeup. All you really need is some practice, the right tools (and they’re not always expensive!), and these lazy girl makeup tips to get your from a frumpy femme to a glammed up guru!

1. Know your dupes!

Source: Society 19

There’s no need to buy expensive makeup when there are tons of drugstore dupes out there that would give high-end brands a run for their money.

2. Know which brush does what.

Badly applied makeup isn’t always your fault. Sometimes, it’s just about finding the right brush for each job.

3. Primers help smoothen the face and hide pores.

It also keeps your makeup from sliding off throughout the day.

4. Eyebrows frame the face, and make a HUGE difference.

Filling them in isn’t as intimidating as it seems! Start off with light strokes, to keep them looking filled-in but natural.

5. Choose your foundation wisely.

Source: Kouture Kiss

ALWAYS swatch on your face, neck or the middle of your chest. Then wait a few minutes for the foundation to set before choosing the right shade for you.

6. Learn to apply foundation with a natural finish.

As with brows, start off with a little, and build up the coverage gradually. And the most importantly, blend, blend, BLEND! If you have oily skin, set it with some translucent powder on a fluffy brush.

7. Choose to play up only your eyes or lips.

Pick either a bright lip with minimal eye makeup, or bold eyes with a nude or light lipstick. If you’re not that great at putting on makeup yet, playing up both might make you look clownish.

8. Don't be afraid of bold lipstick!

A steady hand, some lip liner, and your favorite lipstick are all you need!

9. Start off with two eye shadow colors.

Source: Lulus

Pick a light, shimmery shadow for the lids, and a darker shade to deepen the crease and corners of your eyes.

10. Don't let liquid eyeliner intimidate you!

Okay, so eyeliner isn’t the easiest makeup to apply. But you can always practice with these basic steps and some tape.

11. Always get mascara on your lids? Use a card.

12. Learn to apply your blush to complement your face shape.

As with all makeup, start off with just a dab of blush on your brush and blend to. Add a touch more to intensify, and blend even more. This technique prevents you from looking like you just got slapped.

13. Contour your cheeks with a light hand.

Pick out a shade that’s a few shades darker than your skin, and apply it with an angled brush. And blend it in with your blush.

14. Setting spray is your friend!

Source: Ulta

Whether you want a dewy or a matte finish, your setting spray can give you that effect while helping your makeup last all day.

15. Know when to throw out your makeup!


Makeup can hoard bacteria and cause breakouts if you’ve been using them long past their expiration date.

Makeup doesn’t have to be tough, even if you’re just starting out. Just follow these makeup hacks and you should be able to look glam and put together all on your own!

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