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10 Made-Up Health Disorders You Need to Stop Believing





There’s no doubt that most, if not all, people are concerned about their health. That’s why they always find ways to invest on their well-being and fund medical expenses when necessary. But while products are meant to cure illnesses, you’d be surprised that the way some of them are advertised are actually based on lies.

Health scares have been part of humanity since time immemorial. But believe it or not, not all of them are actually true. Some companies will tell you whether or not a food is healthy while others will suggest that some devices put a person’s health at risk. These are just some made-up notions meant to persuade people into buying a medical product.

#10. Wi-Fi and Its Dangers

Source: Pixabay

We’ve always been pleased by the existence of Wi-Fi or the Internet. Interestingly, there’s a growing number of people claiming that this technology has electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The radiation from Wi-Fi and mobile devices is believed to cause sickness. Sure, it’s true that this radiation exists, a fact that even the World Health Organization (WHO) verifies, but as far as its implications are concerned, they’re non-existent. Wi-Fi or mobile phones don’t promote the health risks that these enthusiasts believe.

#9. Gluten Sensitivity

Source: Pixabay

Remember the time when almost all medical experts suggested that gluten should be removed from one’s diet? That’s because it somehow results to feeling weak, tired, and sick. The only catch here, though, is that not even a single evidence is laid. While it’s true that some people are allergic to wheat or that they have celiac disease, science has yet to prove gluten to be a culprit.

Besides, gluten is a protein itself and it’s in no way it can cause irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). So if a friend tells you that he/she is sensitive to gluten, don’t believe him/her right away. He/she just have a sensitive stomach – that’s it.

#8. Body Energy Must Be Balanced

Source: Pixabay

Body energies have been a favorite topic in most conversations nowadays. Some claim that for a person to have a positive outlook in life, his/her body energy must be well-balanced. This eventually gave birth to massage parlors, among others, that claim to replace “negative energy” with “positive energy.” According to Listverse, an industry of fraudsters called Reiki spearheaded this claim. They believe that a person’s energy can be used to influence another person’s energy field. Sounds magical, right? Actually, it doesn’t.

Reiki – and all its practitioners – utters garbage wisdom. Keep in mind that your body doesn’t have any energy field of sort. Heck, it doesn’t even emit any magnetic force. They’re all made-up.

#7. Halitosis and Listerine

Halitosis or commonly referred to as bad breath has been widely used by companies such as Listerine. It’s true, though, that it’s a serious problem and people need to attend to it. But it was only during the modern times that consumers actually gave a damn thing about bad breath. People from not so long ago didn’t worry a thing or two about it. Why? Because it doesn’t cause pain or result to any life-threatening symptoms. Listerine claims that it can sterilize and heal wounds that cause bad breath but in reality, “halitosis” is a made-up term to help sell the product.

#6. Detoxifying

Source: Pixabay

Ah, detoxify. This is perhaps one of the most-used term nowadays. Many – particularly women – are fond of buying products that help them detoxify. Unfortunately, the companies who sell these products don’t even know what the term “detox” really means. In medical term, it’s a product used by various medical professionals to help a drug addict reach a safe point. This means that he/she is safe from the drugs that he/she abused. The so-called detoxifying products, on the other hand, are nothing but crap. They have nothing to do with cleaning a person’s insides. Remember that your body is capable of flushing poisonous substance and it doesn’t need the help of a supplement or detox agent.

#5. Vaginal Douching

Source: Pixabay

This one here is fairly common to all the ladies out there. It originates as a method of birth control and refers to the use of vinegar or chemicals. But as time passes by, it eventually became a method for cleaning and removing odors. Even Lysol used this term heavily during its heyday in the 1900s. Later on, medical experts were able to prove that using such chemical was harmful to the body. So, ladies, in other words, don’t ever use such product in cleaning your “thing.” It’s capable of self-cleaning and thus doesn’t require any help at all.

#4. Flouride and its Subtleties

Source: Pixabay

Most people nowadays believe that fluoride is a dangerous substance and shouldn’t be placed anywhere near drinking water. Some bogus studies even claim that it causes cancer and damages a child’s brain, among others. But despite all the tests, not a single evidence suggests that fluoride is harmful. The worst it can actually do is create micro white spots on a person’s teeth. Apart from that, it’s safe to use.

#3. Depression as a “Disease”

Source: Pixabay

One thing’s for sure, though: Depression is real. It’s a disorder that continues to haunt humanity. So where’s the issue here? Well, it lies on the people who claim they’ve been diagnosed with depression. In a study conducted at John Hopkins, only 60 percent of 6,000 people were qualified to have suffered from a major depressive disorder. And while this continues to exist, not all anti-depressants advertised on TVs or papers can cure it. They don’t help victims with their issues. If a person claims he’s depressed because he’s sad, it’s because life is perhaps difficult for him. He’s not automatically a person with depression.

#2. Trypophobia

Just recently, trypophobia became a thing on the internet. It’s believed to be the fear of clustered holes. Yes, the ones you usually see on the Internet. Whenever a person sees these things, they’re believed to feel nauseous or that their skins start to feel itchy. Hold your horses, though, as no psychologist or doctor has ever recognize this phobia as real. It’s a made-up story by Internet wolves designed to bring traffic to their sites. It has nothing to do with a person’s psychological structure, nor does it cause itchiness and nausea.

#1. Showering on a Regular Basis

Source: Pixabay

Seriously, why not shower on a regular basis? Most individuals prefer to shower twice or thrice in a day simply because they feel like doing it. It also makes them feel more comfortable and cleaner. But, apparently, making it a regular habit is bad. Research suggests that showers can constantly kill off a person’s healthy skin bacteria. It can even mess with your fragile microbial balance, which prevents diseases and other health issues. It doesn’t mean that you have to skip showers. Rather, this scientifically proven claim helps you understand the truth behind showering. The most advisable method here is to take a shower if you feel the need to remove a bad odor. You don’t necessarily have to take a bath or two in a day.

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