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Evil Engineer Accidentally Kills Himself With Death Traps He Installed For His Family

Louis Dethy was an elderly man who harbored ill will against his family. His wife left and divorced him after he cheated on her, taking along the kids. Dethy’s 14 children all abandoned him. What’s worse is that his mother had bequeathed the house he worked hard on to one of his daughters. He was once a religious man but he became dangerous. As a retired engineer, he dedicated years of his life setting up booby traps in the house to get back at his family.

The 79-year-old had been quietly installing death traps inside the house. The home had been wired to shotguns that would go off once they were triggered. The triggers were on common household items like crates of beer, chests, and dinner plates. Dethy intended to kill his family once they claim the house, which he believed to be rightfully his.

Belgian man Louis Dethy was once a religious family man.

Source: Daily Motion
He fathered 14 children with his wife.

Source: Daily Motion
Later, this man dedicated his life to killing the family who abandoned him by making death traps inside the house.

His favorite weapon was the shotgun.

The house was wired with shotguns triggered to go off with one wrong move.

There were booby traps everywhere.

Like this crate of beer found in the cellar.

He had written clues to keep track of all the death traps installed in the house.

It was a diabolical plan just to kill the family who would later claim the house.

But one fateful day, Dethy’s failing memory had betrayed him. The Belgian engineer may have accidentally triggered one of the traps as he was trying to prepare dinner. The shotgun fired a bullet that struck his neck. Dethy died from blood loss.

Dethy, with his failing memory, may have accidentally triggered one of the traps in the kitchen while adjusting the setup.

When police officers came to the scene, it was initially thought that the pensioner had committed suicide. But after one of the detectives was almost killed by one of the traps, they realized that Dethy had planned something diabolical. Authorities had to bring in military engineers and the bomb squad to decode clues that Dethy had written to track each of his traps.

Out of all 20 traps, only one was not found.

There were 20 traps installed and detectives found all but one. They concluded that the final trap was never set up.

H/T: True Activist, The Telegraph

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