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A Little Girl Pretends to be Lost on the Streets. What This Guy Tries to Do is Infuriating!





Social experiments are sprouting like mushrooms in numerous YouTube channels and websites. Most of them try to see how much innate goodness people still have in their hearts. The videos are mostly entertaining to watch because they are informative and give us a sense of knowledge about what the world and people nowadays are like. It mirrors reality and often times, watching real stuff is far more entertaining that scripted ones.

In the social experiment video below, a little girl acted as if she lost her mom. She approached people on the street and asked for any kind souls to help. As expected, some people helped her whilst others just ignored her plea, and one particular guy even got annoyed that she pushed her back.

But little did we expect the events toward the end of the video. One creepy guy said he actually know the kid and so he grabbed her and the next scenes were just unbelievable!

Watch the video here:

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