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Long Distance Couple Bridges 7,000-mile Gap With Lovely And Artsy Photo Series





They say the best way to love someone is by being “present” but is there really a perfect formula when it comes to love? I guess not. Presence doesn’t necessarily mean being physically there but how two people choose to make their relationship work–with love, respect, trust and staying “connected” despite the miles or the absence of your significant other.

Long distance relationship is never easy–living in different time zones, being contented with chat or video calls and the constant thought of missing someone, but when you truly love, not even distance can come in between.

Art and love might make a great combination for this Korean couple who continue to defy distance in the name of love. New York-based Danbi Shin and partner Seok Li who is living in Seoul are both artists and it shows in their amazing photo series dubbed as “Half&Half” and hit us right in the feels.

“(Our) art started with a simple thought of wondering if anything can be created while being away from each other,” the couple said about the inspiration behind their project.

At first glance, the photos look like random ones taken by some couples..


Photo credit: ShinLiArt

“I stand before you after a walk. We gaze at each other and share the same feeling at the same time but from a different place. I miss you and I have met you,” they captioned one photo which instantly earned more likes on Instagram.

But behind every work of art..


Photo credit: ShinLiArt
is another masterpiece and that is ‘love.’


Photo credit: ShinLiArt
This pretty much sums up some long distance relationships, nighttime for one and daytime for the other.


Photo credit: ShinLiArt
The photos were taken simultaneously while they’re communicating, despite the 14-hour time difference.


Photo credit: ShinLiArt
Highlighting some of their day-to-day activities, random moments, food and places as if they are not apart.


Photo credit: ShinLiArt
A collage of restaurant signs in two different places.


Photo credit: ShinLiArt
Cereals! Even their choice of breakfast is quite the same.


Photo credit: ShinLiArt
They try to find locations that look almost alike too, spot this 7 eleven store in New York and a convenience store in Seoul.


Photo credit: ShinLiArt
Subway signs in two different cities.


Photo credit: ShinLiArt
A perfect combo! Vanilla ice cream for Danbi and chocolate for Seok.


Photo credit: ShinLiArt
A picturesque view of the sunset in New York and sunrise in Seoul.


Photo credit: ShinLiArt
There is definitely art in love.


Photo credit: ShinLiArt

These are absolutely gorgeous photos of two people who may be apart but still one in love and art. Cool!

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