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Lone Gunman Open Fires At Celebrity Nightclub Leaving 39 Dead, 69 Injured

According to witnesses, the man shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he mercilessly started the massacre.

A lone gunman recently attacked Reina, a popular celebrity nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey just an hour after the beginning of 2017 leaving 39 dead and 69 more injured. Reina nightclub is a popular destination for both local and foreign customers and since it was New Year’s Eve, up to 600 people were believed to be present at that time.

Reina Nightclub is a popular destination for some Hollywood celebrities like Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek and Paris Hilton.

The unknown assailant allegedly arrived at the scene armed with a Kalashnikov rifle, and first shot a policeman stationed at the door. The officer had been later identified as Burak Yildiz, 21 years old. Yildiz only started working as an officer ten months ago.

Police Officer Burak Yildiz, 21 years old, only started working as a police ten months ago.

A CCTV footage shows the moment the gunman entered the club and just started shooting at the oblivious party goers.

Some witnesses claimed that they heard the man shouted, “Allahu Akbar” as he mercilessly started the massacre.

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The club owner, Mehmet Korcarslan said that they received warnings of possible terrorist attacks, thus they stepped up the club’s security prior to the incident. However, it proved to be ineffective as 39 people, fifteen of which were foreign nationals, lost their lives during the terror attack. Some of the terrified club goers even had to jump into the Bosphorus River to save themselves.

President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey condemned the attack and vowed to fight to the end all forms of terror attack from terror groups and their backers. He added that the incident was trying to create chaos and demoralize the citizens of his country. Turkey is no stranger to terrorist attacks from groups such as ISIS and Kurdish militants.

A young boy breaks down on his family member's coffin.

Source: Reuters

Funeral rites have already started for the deceased victims while their families grieved their unexpected death. As an Islamic tradition, Muslims should be buried as soon as possible after their death.

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Russian ‘Virginity Dealers’ Recruit And Sell Young Girls To Wealthy Businessmen

Some women even put up their own adverts.

We've heard about women auctioning off their virginity. Anyone who bids the highest gets to sleep with a virgin girl. In Russia, however, ladies as young as 17 are being recruited and then paired up with rich men online.

These specialist dealers, as they are being referred to in a report that appeared in Bumaga, scout teen, virgin women and arrange for them to meet with wealthy businessmen. The report also claimed that these specialists will take home a portion of the fee for making the arrangements. Some of them are reportedly making thousands of pounds for each successful pairing.

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Gamer’s Rectum Falls Out After Playing Phone Games On the Toilet For 30 Minutes

A doctor diagnosed his condition to be extremely severe.

Reports are coming in that a man from Southeast China was brought to the hospital after his rectum fell out of his body. The unnamed man, who was rushed in the middle of the night, was said to be using his phone to play games while on the toilet for half an hour.

According to the attending doctor, he was sitting on the toilet, trying to poop, when his rectum suddenly fell. A massive lump was reportedly found which measures around 16 centimeters long. It was sticking out of his anus and thus required surgery to be removed.

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Cryptocurrency Company Scams Investors, Leaving The Word ‘Penis’

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A new startup cryptocurrency company disappeared with millions and left the word "penis" scribbled on its website. Prodeum, a not-so-popular cryptocurrency project built on Ethereum, claimed to be from Lithuania.

The company said it's developing a system to use blockchain for agricultural products, like vegetables and fruits. It uses the crypto technology to ascertain the delivery of fresh vegetables, with its own coin offering.

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