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The Amazing Friendship Between a Bear, Lion, and Tiger Who All Live Peacefully Together!

What happens when a bear, a lion, and a tiger meet? I never would have guessed this.

Although science, more or less, is mostly accurate on its predictions regarding suspected consequences during a predator and prey encounter, the unique blend of camaraderie of what you are about to watch is very phenomenal.

Meet 12-Year-Old Baloo, American black bear that has spent most of his childhood in the Wild Life Sanctuary in Atlanta. Lucky for him, he is well accompanied by no other than his own pretty “well-balanced pack”. Who are they? Well, as confusing and surprising as it may be, his buddies involved a lion named Leo, and a 12-year-old Bengal tiger named Shere-Khan.

Although many, including animal lovers, find it odd, this only proves that science still needs more avenues to explore and interpret. “Slowly but surely we’re hearing about more and more observations of strong emotional attachments that cross species lines. These friendships, unlikely friendships, in a good number of cases, show that emotions including joy, love, empathy, compassion, kindness, and grief can readily be shared by improbable friends including predators and prey such as a cat and a bird, a snake and a hamster, and a lioness and a baby oryx,” Dr. Marc Beckoff wrote of animal odd couples in Psychology Today.

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They say that the unlikely bond among crossbreeds is now becoming the new trend in the animal kingdom. However, how they strengthen such connection remains a mystery yet magical.


He Saw A Stranded Shark On the Coastline. What He Did Will Keep You Breathless Towards the Ending!

This is the manliest thing I’ve ever seen.

Although there is a 99.9% chance that humans would initially run and secure themselves out of danger, what he did is obviously the total opposite making him the remaining one percent of genuine man of steel and who has no fear.

As seen in the video, it was just a casual day with friends when they suddenly stumbled upon a stranded shark on the coastline for quite some time now. Most people would probably run for their lives and won’t even think of getting wet and upclose with a shark. However, as he observed the struggling shark closer, the more he figured out that “Mr. Arial” needs a little push to get back to his “underworld”.

Dragging the tail of the shark, he gently pulled the poor thing back to shore causing the “predator” to react violently to free himself from any potential harm. The next attempt stabilized the shark but just caused it to swim back to the coastline. Good thing, the next rounds of attempt to rescue the poor thing was a complete success!

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Wife Surprises Husband with Pregnancy Announcement. His Reaction Will Make You Smile!

This is so cute and funny!


We all love surprises especially if they involve positive and big announcements in the family or our closest friends. Life's surprises are what we look forward to, no matter how little or simple they get. These are real life emotions documented, thus, we should cherish every single part of it and be happy. This is one of those moments that is definitely worth capturing.

What a better way for a wife to share the happiness she feels with her other half than recording it via video. The great news--he is going to be a father! Wow! So she then set up a plan inside their room and surprise him with her pregnancy announcement. When her husband finally walked in, it didn't take long for him to figure everything out. He still couldn't believe it at first saying,

'No way! Are you serious? No, you're Joking!'

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That Day 250,000 Animals Were Violently Slaughtered in Nepal To Please A Goddess

Nepal’s killing fields.

Every five years, millions of Hindus gather at the temple of Gadhimai, the goddess of power, in Bariyarpur, Nepal to kill more than 250,000 animals including buffalo, birds and goats.

This practice is said to be performed to honor a Hindu goddess. According to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, who strongly opposes the practice, more than 250,000 animals were also slaughtered when the festival was last held in 2009.

Thousands of buffaloes were slaughtered as part of a Hindu tradition in Nepal.


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