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Meet the Woman Who Had 6 Boyfriends Without Her Knowledge.





It is incredible what technology can do these days. For many, it is an indispensable extension to their lives while others enjoy a better life away from the temptations of modern technology.

There are some, however, who become victims of technology. This could happen in many different ways but identity theft is one of the most puzzling crimes perpetuated by people who probably have too much time in their hands and criminals with malicious intent.

The case of Leah Palmer is the perfect example. She’s a stunning, bubbly woman in her 20s whose happy-go-lucky lifetime in Dubai was perfect for juggling 6 boyfriends!

This is Leah Palmer with her husband.

The only problem in this scenario is that Leah Palmer does not actually exist. The photos and stories inside her “life” were taken from Ruth Palmer, a real person who is married to a really nice guy. Ruth has no idea she has 6 boyfriends! One of these guys even broke up with his real girlfriend so he could get married to Leah Palmer.

The fake Instagram profile.


Whoever it was who stole Ruth’s identity created Leah some three years ago. In that span of time, she was able to gain 566 followers on Instagram plus plenty of friends on Facebook. The scammer even created fake profiles of her family and friends to make the Leah account look authentic.

“Leah” and her “crazy ex”!

When Ruth discovered the crazy identity theft, she was horrified that someone stole and use her photos for the past three years. The impostor portrays Benjamin (Ruth’s real husband) as a psychotic ex and currently in a relationship with 6 boyfriends she meet on Tinder.

Ruth had to work hard to have the Leah account canceled and to break up with her “boyfriends”. Thankfully, her husband had been quite supportive and was present when she called her boyfriends; the poor guy was portrayed as a “crazy ex” by the identity thief!

The police were sympathetic but said they could not do anything about the case. So, Ruth never learned who the imposter was and the thief was never apprehended.

To make sure this will never happen to you, always consider the privacy of your pictures in your social media accounts to avoid any images being seen and potentially stolen by identity thieves.

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