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Landlady Offers Free 1-Year-Rent If Tenant Agrees For A One Night Stand With Her

Is this an offer you can resist?

If you’ve ever been a tenant (or are currently one), then you probably understand the struggle of having to pay your rent from month to month. It’s really not easy to budget your money and to make sure that you do not get delayed with your payments.

Because if you keep on missing the rent, chances are you’d end up without a place to stay and that would be a really tough scenario for you. Unless, of course, your landlord offers you an easy way out?

An unusual request from a landlady.

Source: 9GAG

Well one young man in Beijing, China has experienced being delayed for a month with his rent. His landlady sent him a message about it and, much to his surprise, gave him an option that will leave him worry-free for a year in the moment he obliges.

Based on 9GAG’s English translation of the exchange, the landlady reminded “It’s time to pay the rent” and the lad only responded “I don’t have enough money” and begged “please gimme a few more days.”

Eventually, she texted back – with an indecent proposal.

She wrote:

“It’s okay if you can’t pay the rent. When you have finished work for the day, come to my house to accompany me then you don’t have to pay for rent.”

Would you grab the offer or not?

Source: 9GAG

Perhaps feeling creeped out about the strange deal, the young man later responded “I’ll get it done today”.

Still determined, the landlady texted back:

“I will only do it this one time and then you don’t have to pay rent for the whole year. Think about it! I will be at my house waiting for you.”

Now we do not have all the details about the two individuals involved and if the deal pushed through (no pun intended) but as far as we can tell, the landlady may be really, really attracted to the tenant – and he must be extremely good-looking? I mean who would be crazy to offer a year’s worth of rent for free, right? And yeah, the feeling is probably NOT mutual if the guy can resist that kind of offer.

What would you do if you were in the young man’s shoes?

Would you bang and run and then enjoy living rent-free or would you rather not? Tell us about it in the comment section below!


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