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A Young Lady Found That A Child Was NOT Breathing. What She Did? Truly Heroic!





I’ve always wondered what I would do if I’m in a public place and a medical emergency arises. Would I be courageous enough to step up and try to help save someone else’s life? Well, a high school student named Abby Snodgrass proved that she would.

While shopping at Walmart one evening, Abby Snodgrass heard a commotion down at the electronics section of the store. Apparently, the mother of an 11-month old child realized that her daughter stopped breathing and was desperately trying to revive the child.

The store manager immediately phoned 911, and reported that the child had no pulse and was not breathing. They were all waiting for the emergency responder vehicles to arrive, which were still minutes away from the store, when Abby approached the scene. Abby, who had also been enlisted as a National Guard, safely performed cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the infant. According to Abby, the child was not breathing for approximately one minute. But despite her worries and concerns that the CPR might not be effective, she continued the resuscitation until the child was able to breathe again.

Watch the CCTV footage and Abby’s first-hand account on the incident:

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Credits: SF Globe, Fox News

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