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Sculptor of 27-Foot Angel Made Of 100,000 Knives Is Now Pleading For Everyone’s Help

A sculptor in London has built a 27-foot statue made of 100,000 knives. Called “Knife Angel”, the sculpture aims to raise awareness of the epidemic that has now become known as “knife crime.” It’s part of the Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife weapons amnesty project.

However, the government plans to confiscate the monument. The British Ironwork Centre including the artist, Alfie Bradley is now asking for the public’s help to sign a petition for the sculpture’s release and placement for everyone else to see.

Meet the Knife Angel…

It took Bradley and the British Ironwork Centre two years to complete the sculpture in Oswestry, Shropshire. All the knives were donated by 41 police forces in England and Wales. They set up 200 knife banks and as long as the weapons were delivered to Bradley, he began working on his masterpiece.

The knife angel has 100,000 knives from all over Britain.

The British Ironwork Centre said:

“(Bradley) then disinfected every blade of the thousands of weapons that came in. Some coming in evidence tubes with bodily fluids on their surface. He then blunted each knife before welding it onto the sculpture. The wings were then created using the blades only, creating a feather like appearance.”

Moreover, the grieving family members of the victims of knife crime across the United Kingdom have engraved their messages on the blades. More than 80 families have reached out to the center for their messages to be included in the project.

Some of the knives collected.

Recently, the Knife project that has taken off 100,000 knives from the streets of Britain won an international peace prize. The Rotary International Peace Award and the Médecins Sans Frontières, which works to reduce the suffering and protect the life in war zones, awarded the prize to the creator and the British Ironwork Centre, the Shropshire Star reports.

If you wish to see the sculpture fulfill its purpose of raising awareness on knife crime, you can help by signing this petition.

Look at the sculpture and how detailed it is:

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