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Kid Schools His Own Mother on Relationship Trust Issues by Telling Dad’s Secret

Read on and be amused!


Sometimes, being in a relationship is a challenge. There are ups and downs which are vital in strengthening the bond with each other. However, being too distrustful can mar the beautiful experiences of being a couple; doubts about each other’s commitment and fidelity keep on piling up, leading to the slow destruction of a relationship.

The story below is a good example in teaching a lesson about trusting your significant other. Read on and be amused!


A little boy named Johnny was at the supermarket with his mom and they were browsing the toy section. She always brought him there, despite knowing that he would ask for something. 

“Hey, Mom,” asked little Johnny, “Can you give me twenty dollars?” 

“Certainly not,” she said.

“If you do,” he went on, “I’ll tell you what Dad said to the maid when you were at the beauty shop.”

His mother’s ears perked up, and grabbing her purse, she handed over the money.

“Well, what did he say?”

He said, “Hey, Marie, make sure you wash my socks tomorrow.”

Pretty amusing isn’t it? Although the story sounds light, it is a poignant reminder to us that there should always be trust in a relationship. Please don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends.


Wife Told Husband She Got Pregnant By Another Man, But She Never Expected Him to Do This

He would not have had a beautiful and strong relationship now if he chose to dwell on the past.

How would you feel if your partner tells you that he or she has been unfaithful? What would you do? Regardless if it was in the past or the present, it truly hurts to know that the person you love betrayed your trust. For those who have had such a heartbreaking experience, you know that it’s not easy to forgive and that it takes a special kind of love and a deeper bond to be able to accept your partner again with open arms.

Infidelity is often rooted in one’s selfishness and the other person's neglect. Of course, there are those who are unfaithful despite having an ideal relationship with their spouses. And, although it is more common for males to get involved in extra-marital affairs, there are women who fall into temptation.

This husband's story is about his wife who made the mistake of giving into a one-night stand and consequently getting herself pregnant. This may not have been the most unsurprising consequence of what happened that night, but she certainly did not expect her husband to do what he did.

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After Serving 44 Years in Prison, This Old Man is Shocked with Today’s Society and Technology

“The 1960s’ Skippy’s still here!”


Imagine living in a world virtually devoid of access to technology. Then you are suddenly removed from that environment and placed in a world that is heavily reliant on gadgets and technology. How would you feel? Confused? Probably. Lost? Obviously.

This is the real-life experience of 69-year-old Otis Johnson.

Having been sentenced to a 44-year stint behind bars when the world still used phones that needed coins and music players that required cassette tapes, Johnson did not witness the technological revolution that took place in the past four decades. During the 44 years that he was in prison, he had little to virtually no means of seeing the outside world, so he was surprised with what he saw when he was reintegrated back into society.

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He Wrote Her 90 Letters Everyday Which She Never Read Until Their Break Up, Now It’s Too Late…

“Don’t let a promise just be a beautiful memory”

They say that regret always gets us in the end. It couldn't have been more true for the lady in this short movie.

Yu Yang asked his girlfriend Chen Wen for her hand in marriage but she refused. Not wanting to give up, Yu Yang told her to meet him everyday for 90 days and he will prove his intentions for her. If after 90 days she still doesn't want to be with him he accepts the decision, but if she wants him they will use the 90 coins to apply for a marriage registration. And so Yu Yang met her everyday and gave her a coin each day, for 90 days.

One coin each day, for 90 days... but were they really just coins?


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