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23-Year-Old Woman Adopts 13 Ugandan Girls As Daughters Before Getting Married

The newly-married couple instantly had a huge family!

To say Katie Davis is an extraordinary human being is probably an understatement. Back when she was 18, she was homecoming queen and senior class president but despite all that, she knew her focus and purpose.

While she was a senior high school student, Katie flew all the way to Uganda for a mission trip. It was there that eventually decided what to do after graduation. Instead of going to a university, she decided she’d spend a year in Uganda so she could teach kindergarten students in an orphanage.

Unknown to her at the time, she was going to make Uganda her permanent home several years from that.

Katie founded Amazima Ministries in Uganda to help people develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Source: Katie Davis Majors

In a FaithIt feature, we learn that the organization’s name is based in an Ugandan word which literally means “truth”. The organization “seeks to transform lives, restore relationships and radically change communities through the truth of Jesus Christ,” the article mentioned.

Katie would eventually write a book entitled ‘Kisses from Katie—A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption.’

Source: Katie Davis Majors

The title rose to become a New York Times bestseller.

At 23 years old, Katie has already adopted 13 young Ugandan girls.

Source: Katie Davis Majors
In an interview with Today, she opened up how this decision has affected her life for good.

Source: Katie Davis Majors

“In those early days of laying sleepy heads on pillows and training tiny hearts to know Jesus, I had no comprehension of the wild, devastating, uncontainable love I would feel for them. I didn’t know that they would somehow become extensions of me, that when they hurt I would hurt more deeply than I ever had before, and that when they showed delight over a success or an excitement for God’s Word, my heart would swell within me and I would be unable to contain tears of joy. I didn’t know that sometimes I would look at them and feel so much love that my heart would physically ache within my chest.”

Love later came knocking when she met Benji Majors.

Source: Katie Davis Majors

Although they both grew up in Franklin, Tennessee, they only met in Uganda when the Majors came there to serve as missionaries. The couple fell in love and decided to tie the knot in 2015.

The rest, as they say, is history.

As Katie wrote on her blog:

“We shared a hometown with only a few hilltops to keep our adolescent lives from ever intersecting.

“My husband’s love is just another way God has chosen to pour [out] His extravagant love on me, another constant reminder that He rejoices over me, and over each one of our daughters. I watch them come alive under the loving gaze of their new father, I hear the delight and the certainty in their voices as they call ‘Dad.’”

Katie’s story has indeed inspired many but she shares anyone can really do what she did, without living in Uganda or even adopting 13 daughters.

She explained:

“I live in Uganda with my husband and my children. The people here, they are my neighbors, my friends, my family. These are the streets on which we live, the community we pray with, the friends we eat with, the people I wave to on the street. This is my home. What I do here, you can do there, right where you are.”

Watch Katie’s amazing story here:

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If you want to learn more, go visit the official Amazima website for additional information.

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