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Kanye West Says He’s “The Greatest Artist That God Ever Created”

"Now, the greatest artist that God ever created is now working for Him"

  • During his visit at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, Kanye West shared his conversion story.
  • He also said he’s the “greatest artist” that God ever created which has since gained a lot of comments from fans and critics alike.
  • In the same stage, he slammed strip clubs and alcoholism.

Kanye West is known for many things. His music, his marriage with Kim Kardashian, his Yeezy shoe line, and yes, his legendary ego.

This has once again been demonstrated by the American rapper when he boldly declared himself as the greatest artist created by God.

Just. Wow.

Kanye West’ bold declaration definitely raised a lot of eyebrows.

As it appears, West was invited by Pastor Joel Osteen at his Lakewood mega church in Houston where he shared his story with the congregation.

While the celebrity reflected about how accepting God in his life helped him during the lowest points of his life (such as when he was hospitalized because of a mental health issue), he also boasted how he is God’s finest artistic creation.

He said God has been “calling” him for the longest time but he’s been distracted by the Devil.

West later went on:

“Now, the greatest artist that God has ever exist- uh, created is now working for Him”

God also sent him visions while he was confined at the hospital, he claimed.

Watch this video report:

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So, he’s still not humble after embracing Christianity?

Of course, the remarks earned a lot of mixed reactions from netizens on social media.

Some people immediately criticized West for bragging and said he’s “gone crazy – nope, crazier – because of Christianity.” His fans, on the other hand, defended him saying he is “a work in progress, just like the rest of us.”

Meanwhile, you can watch the full video here:

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