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Woman Born Without Legs Becomes Lingerie Model, Inspires Others

She was born without legs and abandoned by her parents, but now she is a lingerie model and a multi-sport athlete!


They say if you have a dream, go for it. Work hard for what you want and chase that thing you really want to achieve. But sometimes, our dreams are just too big and our selves too weak that things can really get impossible.

Being handicapped is one of the most acceptable reasons why people just let go of their dreams, but not 23-year-old Kanya Sesser – an underwear model/multi-sport athlete, who’s enjoying the limelight despite being born without legs.

Kanya was left by her biological parents on the steps of a Buddhist Temple in Thailand. She was later adopted by the parents she now know from Portland, Oregon.

Kanya may have had a rough start in life but that did not discourage her to pursue her dreams. In fact, she is a master in skateboarding, skiing and surfing. She is even preparing for a mono-ski competition at the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games!

If her fit body and sound mind are not inspiration enough, then being an underwear model will probably do! Yes, she just landed a modelling stint in PantyProp’s new ad campaign, featuring undies that are able to conceal sanitary napkin and keep it in place. The main feature of the product is to let women stay comfortable during their period by preventing leaks and uneasiness.

Kanya can be seen rocking the underwear while doing normal girly stuff like reading, hanging around and even brushing her teeth.

Meet Kanya Sesser – she may lack legs but she is fit in mind, soul and disposition.


Photo credit: Robert Parrish
Kanya looking sexy while readng a book in her PantyProp undies.


Photo credit: Robert Parrish
Kanya poses for the camera while preparing to brush her teeth.


Photo credit: Robert Parrish

“It’s about women empowerment – be comfortable in your skin,” she said. “I’m sexy in my own skin.”

Previously, Kanya also posed for a photographer wearing lingerie only.

“The focus of the photos I do is free beauty, free body, free mind,” she said. “I’m fit, and I feel comfortable [in lingerie].”

Kanya sure looks confident despite her condition. She said that even as a young girl, she would not get shy posing for photos as she loves getting her pictures taken and showing her life story.

Watch this video feature here:

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