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Dad Remaining Calm Despite Toddler Screaming In Public Teaches Important Parenting Lesson

It’s okay if your kid throws a fit in public.


Every parent understands what it feels like to have a child get down on the floor, kicking and screaming, just because mommy or daddy won’t get them that shiny new toy on the store shelf. Most parents would be embarrassed and would think about what people around them might say. A few, like this calm dad, manage to keep their cool and let their kids have an emotional meltdown.

Justin Baldoni, mostly known for his role in Jane the Virgin, is a dad when he’s not in front of the cameras. When he’s not filming scenes for the hit TV series, he shares an important message about parenthood.

Actor Justin Baldoni shares an important lesson about parenting.

Just recently, Baldoni shared a photo of himself with his dad and daughter that his wife Emily had taken. The actor considers it his favorite photo. In the photo, Baldoni and his dad were just calmly looking at his daughter, Maiya, who’s wailing on the floor. The family went shopping at Whole Foods when Maiya started to throw a fit.

He took to Facebook to give a heartwarming advice to parents whose kids throw tantrums in public.

Baldoni and his dad noticeably weren’t embarrassed at all, despite the people around the. The 33-year-old actor explained in his post that the same thing happened to him when he was little. His dad, too, will just calmly allow him to throw a fit in public.

“My dad always let me feel what I needed to feel, even if it was in public and embarrassing.”

In his lengthy post, Baldoni concluded with a strong message for all parents out there who have to deal with situations like these, which are usually considered embarrassing.

“Let’s not be embarrassed for our children. It doesn’t reflect on you. In fact.. we should probably be a little more kind and patient with ourselves too. If we got out everything we were feeling and allowed ourselves to throw tantrums and cry when we felt the need to then maybe we’d could also let ourselves feel more joy and happiness. And that is something this world could definitely use a little more of.”


Touching Social Experiment Teaches Us to Be More Compassionate Toward the Homeless

No hate, just love.

It's easier to be indifferent than to be compassionate. And when faced with matters that are far from our own experiences, it's much easier to judge than to understand. When dealing with the homeless, for example, those who have never experienced sleeping on the cold streets can easily say the homeless should get a job or work harder - all while not having a clear picture of the obstacles and hurdles they have to conquer.

A social experiment by YouTubers and brothers Moe and ET is again making the rounds for its strong message. They also enlisted the help of their younger brother, Omar. In one of New York's busy streets, they decided to first observe a homeless man and how he was being treated by passersby.

This homeless man was constantly ignored by passersby.

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Son Thanks Mom for 20 Years of Hard Work as a Domestic Helper, Takes Her on an Asian Tour

Talk about giving back!

Being a parent is the toughest job in the world, and parents make the greatest sacrifices. Some forego their dreams in order to accommodate the needs of their children. Some make the tough decision of moving away from their families to ensure a bright future for their kids.

Such was the case of Filipina Teresita Alcanzare, 61, who worked as a domestic helper in Hong Kong for 20 years. Teresita toiled abroad to send her seven children to school. Her sacrifice has since produced a certified public accountant, a licensed teacher, a registered nurse, a pharmacist and midwife, a civil engineer and a registered master plumber. After two decades, the time has come for her to finally sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Teresita worked in Hong Kong, away from her family, for 20 years.

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CCTV Footage Shows How Thai Policeman Handles a Desperate Man Armed With a Knife

We don’t always have to kill people.

With all the many negative reports about police officers, it’s really refreshing to hear positive stories such as this one. A police officer in Thailand is being hailed by the internet as a hero after he successfully stopped a knife-wielding man in the most unusual way – he gave the assailant a big hug!

As you can see on the CCTV footage below, a man holding a large knife entered the Huay Kwang police station in Bangkok. Instead of reaching for his gun and shooting the guy down though, officer Anirut Malee calmly talked to him.

Thai police officer Anirut Malee calmly convinced the distressed assailant to hand over his knife.

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