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A World Explorer Travelled Around New Zealand In A Camper Van. This Is What He Saw.





Ever since we were kids, we used to dream of traveling around the world and most of us still carry that great desire or drive of pursuing it even now that we’re grown-ups. We even have our ‘bucket list’ of places to visit and travel to. How convenient it would be to hop from one destination to another if you have the means but that’s not it–passion and determination are also two important tickets to the wonders the world has in store for us.

Johan Lolos, a 27 year old Belgian world explorer and photographer is a living proof that we don’t need so much to pursue our ‘dream travel.’ It was over a year ago when he left Europe to start his trip around the world, first in Australia where he spent the whole year and has also earned him a career as a landscape photographer.

He is currently staying in New Zealand where he started a 3-month road trip with friends. Johan fell in love with the place and is planning to stay until September of this year to witness and photograph winter in Wanaka . His awesome adventure began in an inexpensive camper van which is the most popular method for getting around the place while keeping their expenses down at the same time.

Check out the breathtaking views and images captured by one talented artist like Lolos. You can also follow him on his Instagram account and Facebook page to get the latest updates.

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park is a New Zealand national park located between Golden Bay and Tasman Bay at the north end of the South Island.

Photo credit: Johan Lolos
Mackenzie County, Canterbury

Lolos and his friends planned their trip on a strict budget. In three months, they spent around $1200.

Photo credit: Johan Lolos


Photo credit: Johan Lolos
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