Joe Biden Deploys Four B-1 Bombers to Norway to Send “Message” to Vladimir Putin

President Joe Biden says the US won't be rolling over for Russia any longer..

  • President Joe Biden is taking a hardline stance against Russian aggression toward US allies in the Arctic
  • He is deploying four B-1 bombers and 200 Americans from Texas, instead of the UK
  • The deployed military mission will head to Norway, over the international waters northwest of Russia
  • Biden is also calling for immediate and unconditional release of Alexei Navalny
  • Reports say that this is Biden’s way of telling Russian President Vladimir Putin that US has changed since President Donald Trump’s time

President Joe Biden announced in a speech at the State Department that the United States will be taking a stronger, more decisive stance against Russia’s aggression and interference by sending four Air Force B-1 bombers to Orland Base in Norway for the protection of its Arctic Circle Allies.

Four bombers and 200 Americans will be moving from the Dyess Air Force base in Texas to protect the international waters near northwestern Russia. The move to Norway instead of the military missions originating from the United Kingdom shows that the US is prepared to tackle Russian aggression over the Arctic by shutting off their access to maritime passageways and natural resources north of the Arctic Circle.

The announcement, which came after the first phone call to Russian President Vladimir Putin six days into Biden’s presidency, clarified how Biden intends to address the increasing Russian aggression towards America’s ‘like-minded allies’ in the Arctic.

Reports also clarified that this move is Biden’s message to Putin. It was meant to communicate that despite the US’ agreement to a five-year extension of the START treaty with Russia, they will not tolerate Russian interference the way President Donald Trump did.

“The days of the United States rolling over in the face of Russia’s aggressive actions, interfering with our elections, cyber attacks, poisoning its citizens, are over.”

Biden also took a hardline stance in calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Alexei Navalny.

Navalny was poisoned and then later arrested after he reportedly violated his parole which stemmed from a 2014 charge that barred him from running for office. Navalny’s arrest, according to Biden, was ‘politically motivated’ after he exposed corruption.

“Mr. Navalny, like all Russian citizens, is entitled to his rights under the Russian constitution,” he said.

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